Monday, July 22, 2013

You Make Me Feel like Dancin'

We wrapped up our first year of studio dance in June.  It has been an interesting experience.  She took a tap and jazz combo class at the Dance Zone on Wednesdays after school.  The studio is about a 25 minute drive from her school, depending on lights so it was a rush out the door every Wednesday to get her there.  And once we were there, there wasn't a lot of reason to head home and turn around again so Rhode, Asher and I would hang at a nearby park until it was time to come grab her.

I didn't get to watch her as often as I would like, the studio is good sized but the waiting areas are filled with trophies and other breakable things that my sons could not resist.  But it was fun to see her doing well in class, practicing some of the moves at home and she even got to have the front and center position in their recital dance.

Scarlet's teacher really liked Scarlet.  She always had great things to say about her.  Scarlet was chosen as the first Student of the Month in October.  She got a pencil, a special pin, and got to lead the class in warm ups that month.

We walked in to the first class in May together because Scarlet was just going to watch for the day.  She was sick but it was close to recital so I didn't want her to miss anything.  Her teacher told us that she is glad Scarlet came, because Scarlet was Student of the Month again!  Her response was, "Some of the kids are a little sad that Scarlet gets it twice but I just love how sassy she is when she does the dance!"  I was happy for her, but I did a quick head count around the room, and then some math.  There were at least four kids in the class that did not get to be student of the month at all...  I would have been a little sad too!

They had recital pictures and they were pricier than I was hoping for, but I decided to get them anyway.  I am glad I got them because I did a lousy job of documenting her recital day, but I am very underwhelmed by them.  Anyone else really distracted by the wrinkly grey paint splattered background?

 Scarlet practiced her recital dance really hard.  I came into class and video taped it for her so she could practice at home and she really had it down.  She had two dress rehearsals at the studio and she did a great job at both, but she kept watching the kids around her instead of doing the dance.  I mentioned it to her, thinking she was probably just nervous.  She said she would try.

And then recital day was here.  All of the girls in her class walked out on stage, got into their positions and then began to dance.  They did great for about 30 seconds, though Scarlet spent most of the time watching the girls next to her while she danced, and then they got to the part where they all get in one line and one girl leads them around to the back of the stage.  Well that little girl forgot to move.  So they all stood there, and then Scarlet took over.  She began directing the older girl with frantic hand motions that she needed to get going.  Once the line was finally moving they were way off of the music and had only made it about 1/4 of the way around the stage.  The rest of the dance included another circle around the stage and since they hadn't made it around the first time, they were all out of position.  Most of the girls looked around, not really sure what to do next.  Scarlet wasted no time.  She started grabbing girls and leading them to their spot.  She then got in her own spot just in time for the last move of the dance and the bow.

It was hilariously disastrous.

Jon was only able to stay until this point so he left while the boys and I trudged on through the rest of the little kid routines.  And then, about four dances later, Scarlet's group headed back on stage.  They gave them a second try!  This time, the little girl on the end did remember to lead the circle around but the stage is about 4 times bigger than their studio so she didn't make it as far as she needed to, but it was far enough for the girls to figure out what was next.  Honestly, it was a really poorly choreographed routine but they did a great job.

When I asked Scarlet later about the neighbor watching, she informed me, "But mom, if I don't watch them, how will I know when they are doing the dance wrong?"

As seems to be the story of this year, I have no record of that first disastrous performance.  We weren't allowed to film and the DVD only includes their second performance.  I even called to see if I could get it and they said the footage was already gone...  hope my memory lasts me a long time!

At the end of the year, Scarlet auditioned for their dance team and made it!  We have just started her summer classes for the Mini Team.  She will dance 3 hours a week and take tap, jazz, hip hop and technique.  She also gets to be in her first competition this year along with a couple other small performances.  Yay Scarlet!

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Peggy Dee said...

Oh how I wish I could have seen that footage of that first number! Although in my mind I can imagine it because I'm pretty sure you did the same thing more than once!! The cute little apple doesn't fall far from the tree...