Monday, April 18, 2011

What am I forgetting?

Kacey's Checklist

1. Stop feeling tired and generally nauseated Check

Thanks to this

and this

my normal night sickness was almost enjoyable. Almost.

2. Find a doctor/hospital and a due date

Done and done. Thanks to years of frequent insurance changes, each of my Vegas babies gets their own doctor/hospital. Who knows, maybe it will make them feel really special?

Due: July 25

3. Finally get around to reading Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs", recommended highly.

Not a great choice for the easily offended but very, very funny and very honest. I even figured out my "cold/allergies" that had been going on for like 3 months not so much a disease, a runny nose is a symptom too. Who knew?

4. Pull out the old box of maternity clothes

Mmmm elastic waistband.

5. Get an ultrasound

No pictures (the machine was kind of busted that day, lame right?) but 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a very skillful ultrasound tech who steered clear of any "money shots" for my general viewing pleasure. Who doesn't like a surprise? As Scarlet puts it, "I want another sister (she of course being the first sister) but Heavenly Father is beciding if we get a brother or a sister."

6. Sort through clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

After years of lending, resorting, exchanging and the like, all of my kid clothing bins were in complete disarray. But, after a few days of my children asking me to stop making messes in their rooms, we have

I had a fantastic time with this project. The memories, the reminiscings, the wondering of how life keeps going so fast...

7. Tell the kids

We informed the kids and the nearby party guests at Scarlet's birthday. Her last present of the evening was a box with a little baby girl and baby boy outfit.

It was not nearly as exciting as her previous gifts so she seemed very uninterested at first. But after all of the birthday fun wore down, Scarlet and Rhode have been very excited. Very excited and very impatient. We now have a timeline of events we work through:

"First, it will be Bennett's birthday, then we will go on our cruise, then it will be dad's birthday, and then summertime, and then the fourth of July, and THEN it will be time for the baby to come."

Rhode then asks, "And then the baby gonna pop out, right?"

"Right." Close enough.

8. Inform your Sunday School kids

I figured it was time when I walked into the room, wrote a few things on the board, looked around for a prayer volunteer and couldn't come up with 75% of the names of my class members. They frequently have to forgive me for my frequent forgetful moments.

It took me six months to complete the first half of the list. And that is when I realized I had left out two pretty important steps.

9. Tell my mom (and other family members)


10. Tell everyone else


Scarlet took care of #9 on the phone with Grandma Peggy and Aunt Kristy yesterday and today, I can finally check off #10.

So here it goes: I am pregnant!

Phew, done and done.

Now what am I forgetting? Oh! Um, Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen in South Africa, if you read this blog before we get a chance to Skype, surprise!

Friday, April 8, 2011

You get what you ask for... sometimes

I ask my son for a piece of toilet paper so I can, in a very lady like way, blow all of the snot out of my schnoz.

I get this...

and on his second try, this...
and on his third and final try, this.
Editors Note: Only about five trees were killed in the capturing of this moment.

I ask for a pair of shoes to walk out the door with on a very average t shirt and capri jeans kind of outing.

I get these...
"See mom? They aren't just for your costume (think 80's party) they look pretty!"
Scarlet pouted about my final choice of flip flops for the rest of the outing.

I ask for some shoes to fit my son whose feet will not squeeze into a single pair of his shoes.

I get... cowboy boots!

"Thank you mom! Now I get to be a bad guy!"

Hold up.

"A bad guy? Rhode, cowboys can be good guys too!"

With his bad guy face on, "No mom, in these boots, I am a bad guy."

Definitely not what I asked for.

That's when I had almost given up hope and started actually doing things for myself...


I asked Jon if there was something we (ahem, he) could do to make our front courtyard a little more appealing.

I get...
Sod, gravel, two garden beds with their own drip system, and a whole lot of loveliness.


Just to see if my luck was changing, I ask if someone could keep me entertained while the men scampered away to Priesthood session last weekend.

I get... cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. And fantastic company.

The company.

And the cookies...
Honey Crisps
Red Hot Cinnamon Bark
Rolo Cookies
Ten Cup Cookies
Almond Joy Cookies (my favorite of the night)
Lemon Biscotti Cookies
Homemade Graham Cracker S'more Cookies (by me)
Cinnadoodle Cookies (also by me, and my second favorite)
Since it has worked thus far, anyone up for cleaning my bathrooms?

No Rhode, put your hand down. Anyone? Anyone?