Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm It

Lori tagged me for the '5 weird things about you' game. I've done it once before and if I remember right, I didn't come up with very interesting things. And as I've pondered it this time, for some reason I keep coming up with weird things about Scarlet. As I'm saying this, the phrase 'can't see the mote in my brother's eye because of the beam in my own' keeps popping in my head. It is Sunday right? But anyway, back to my point. So, I have decided to change the tag to '5 weird things about my kid'. I know, I am such a good mom.

1. For as long as I can remember, Scarlet has hated it when Jon and I show any affection to each other. Whenever he hugs or kisses me, Scarlet will scream and run up to us to pull us apart. She then clings to me with her life. It made a little more sense when she was going through her 'I only want mom' phase. Now, who knows?
2. Thai food? Love it. Korean food? Give me more. Really spicy food? My eyes are watering but I'm going back for more. Snail on the sidewalk? YUM. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Gross. No, thanks mom.

3. She is one of those kids who has a quizzical, bordering on glaring look for anyone who says 'hi' to her. But for some reason, whenever we are at Walmart, she will catch eyes with the craziest, scariest, creepiest looking person she can find, give them a big smile, and give her biggest hi! What a nut.

4. Scarlet loves her baby dolls. Whenever she has a doll in her hand, she also always has the doll's 'blanket', usually a washcloth, wipe or spit rag. Which is odd enough in itself since she has never been a blankie kid. But, then she takes it up a notch on the strange meter. She sticks her babies in her little stroller and places the blanket over their face. I have tried to move the blanket to the doll's lap and she will move it back every time.

5. And finally, Scarlet has always loved to dance. Any rhythm she can find, she is busting a move. I have tried for months to get her to copy dance steps that I am doing but she always just sticks with her own moves. That is, until Jon decided to teach her the 'spank the bootie' dance. Now, on command, she will stick her bootie out to the side and bounce while spanking herself. Every mothers dream. Thanks for that one Jon.

I tag Mindy, Ashley S., and Angie L. 5 weird things about you or a kid, you choose :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween fun

A few of the girls in my ward threw an adorable Halloween party yesterday in the park. The idea was to get the kids in their costumes, play a few games, and enjoy some good Halloween treats, no candy allowed. I was in a cooking mood so I tried something I've always wanted to make, homemade caramels. And even with my total lack of experience and uncooperative children, they turned out really good! I made about 1/3 of them with walnuts. I knew I would like them better with nuts but I didn't know about everyone else. But, they ended up being the ones that went the fastest.
Scarlet has a really cute chicken costume my mom bought her and up until the day before the party that is what she was going to wear. But while I was running errands the day before I realized how hot it was! It is a pretty fuzzy, warm little costume and I was so afraid Scarlet was just going to melt in it running around the park. So, in a last minute ditch effort, we threw together a pixie costume. It was not my best work, but she did look pretty cute!

Of course, as my luck tends to go, the sun was out but there was a cold wind that blew through the whole party so it ended up being plenty cold enough for the chicken! And, the pictures were taken after the wind ruined her hair.

Here are a few of our friends in their costumes. So darn cute!

One of the games was bobbing for apples. Well, the kids found the apple bin a little early and before we knew it, half of the kid were walking around snacking on apples and the other half were splashing in the big bucket of water. Oh well!

Rhode did get dressed up this year but didn't show his costume off too much as he slept through most of the party. I thought I loved my little boy as much as I possibly could. Then I saw him dressed as tigger and I loved him just a little bit more!
And now with our jack o' lantern on the front step, we are officially in Halloween mode!
Somehow our pumpkin ended up looking exactly like the indian chief on Peter Pan.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

And they called it puppy love

Today was the biggest day for any Primary president, the annual Primary Sacrament program. It was quite the ordeal to put together, especially with it being my first one. But with a LOT of help from my counselors, the program was written, rehearsed, and ready to go. I was out for a few weeks after having Rhode so a lot of the initial practicing happened without me. We even held a practice yesterday in the chapel to make sure the kids were totally prepared.

I got to church 20 minutes early as planned, got all the things set up that needed setting up, ushered the kids to their seats, and was sitting in my spot right as the meeting began. I was feeling pretty calm, considering. Then I look out into the congregation and this face was staring back at me...

Yup, Donny Osmond with his family in tow attended our ward today. Our ward boundaries actually include the Strip and Donny & Marie have a show going on right now. Suddenly, all worries about presenting this program for the ward, bishop, parents, God, and angels were gone. All I could think was, 'I am performing my Primary program for Donnie Osmond.'

Why all the interest? My mom indoctrinated us with a love for all things Osmond at a young age. We all knew that nothing would make her happier than somehow managing to marry into the Osmond family. :)

So as the program progressed, I was able to concentrate for the most part as I sorted sunbeams and five year olds up to the microphone. But there was the occasional thought in the back of my mind, 'I wonder what Donny thinks about the program?'

I did have the small daydream that Donny would come up to me after the program and congratulate me on a job well done. Unfortunately, his family jetted out of the chapel immediately after the closing prayer. Probably to avoid fans just like me!

The program went really well. I was so proud of the kids, they really pulled it off!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One month later

My new little guy is one month old already. I really don't know where the days go. Although I am happy to report that while time has been flying, Vegas has been taking some serious temperature drops. There is something so nice about 60 degree weather. We actually dropped from 90 degree days to 60/70 degree days instantly. None of those lovely 80 degree afternoons, why anyone lives in this desert is beyond me. Of course, when all the Utahns are buried under mountains of snow this winter I will probably be singing Sin City praises!

And to my total enjoyment, with colder days come... feety pajamas!

This is Scarlet's hair after she has removed her pigtails and taken a nap. I know, it's a really good look for her. But I seriously love warm, fuzzy pajamas on my kids. Their adorable level just goes up a few notches.

Back to Rhode, I was hoping to be able to post his one month stats but unfortunately we had to reschedule his one month check up. Although, I'm not too concerned about his weight gain. Check out these cheeks!

Things I have learned about my little guy so far:

He HATES to be cold (born in the wrong time of year buddy). The minute he is naked or has a cold wipe near his butt he is screaming. Bath time is only enjoyable if I can keep his body completely immersed. Coming out of the tub is near torture for the poor boy.

He loves his dad. Whenever I try to get some mom/baby cuddle time, he starts diving for food. When Jon has him, Rhode just looks so peaceful cuddled up with his dad.

Thanks to Scarlet, I have learned he doesn't like being poked (especially in the eye), squished, sat on, blanket smothered, or having someone scream right in his ear. Whoda thunk?

He has figured out that nighttime is for sleeping (except for the eating parts) and he gets more curious about his new world every day. I am definitely in love!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Devious already?!

Scarlet, Rhode and I made our way to Walmart yesterday to pick up the essentials. While we were checking out, I was separating my items into different piles (had to get some stuff for primary) and wasn't paying all that much attention to Scarlet. She usually spends her time checking out all the travel size stuff they have for sale at the check out counter. When I finally look down at her, I notice she has a candy in her hand... and a blue mouth.

Yeah, she had gotten one of those 'baby bottle' candies open and was sucking on it. So then I had to buy it, there's a wasted buck, and I threw it in my purse after letting her know she could not have it.

I got home, unloaded children and groceries, and fed my starving newborn. Scarlet was playing happily, but then I lost track of her. I noticed the downstairs bathroom door was shut, which is very unusual. Whenever she shuts doors she instantly yells for me to help her open it. Plus, she isn't one to play in the bathroom in the first place. So I go over and open the door to catch my 19 month old daughter with an even bluer mouth and a look that said 'uh oh, she caught me'. Not only did she find the candy but she went and hid so I wouldn't catch her! I really thought I had at least another year or two until she figured out stuff like that! How did she get to be so mischievous already??

Monday, October 6, 2008

My guy

Rhode had a little impromptu photo shoot Sunday morning before conference. We didn't get a ton of great shots, but there were a few that turned out. This new little guy of mine is such a joy. I had forgotten a little how instantly you can love these new little people. I find myself exhausted as I get up for yet another midnight feeding but when I look down at my squirmy little dark eyed boy, I am just so excited to be his mom all over again.

The jury is still out on who he looks like. Jon likes to pretend he has all my features only because, after Scarlet, I was hoping my genes wouldn't be completely ignored in all my other children. Of course, his comments usually go something like 'his nose is crooked, so he did get your nose' or 'his ear is kinda funny, oh look so is yours!'

But so far, he looks only a little different than Scarlet did at the same age. Here's a few of Scarlet at the same age for comparison.

I like to call this one 'bottle face', they both like their food.

And Scarlet now... wow she grew up fast.

Also for those of you who are interested in how my dad's trial is going, my mom is giving a great blow by blow on her blog (Because I Said So... linked on the side). Thank you for everyone who has given their thoughts and prayers to my dad.