Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One month later

My new little guy is one month old already. I really don't know where the days go. Although I am happy to report that while time has been flying, Vegas has been taking some serious temperature drops. There is something so nice about 60 degree weather. We actually dropped from 90 degree days to 60/70 degree days instantly. None of those lovely 80 degree afternoons, why anyone lives in this desert is beyond me. Of course, when all the Utahns are buried under mountains of snow this winter I will probably be singing Sin City praises!

And to my total enjoyment, with colder days come... feety pajamas!

This is Scarlet's hair after she has removed her pigtails and taken a nap. I know, it's a really good look for her. But I seriously love warm, fuzzy pajamas on my kids. Their adorable level just goes up a few notches.

Back to Rhode, I was hoping to be able to post his one month stats but unfortunately we had to reschedule his one month check up. Although, I'm not too concerned about his weight gain. Check out these cheeks!

Things I have learned about my little guy so far:

He HATES to be cold (born in the wrong time of year buddy). The minute he is naked or has a cold wipe near his butt he is screaming. Bath time is only enjoyable if I can keep his body completely immersed. Coming out of the tub is near torture for the poor boy.

He loves his dad. Whenever I try to get some mom/baby cuddle time, he starts diving for food. When Jon has him, Rhode just looks so peaceful cuddled up with his dad.

Thanks to Scarlet, I have learned he doesn't like being poked (especially in the eye), squished, sat on, blanket smothered, or having someone scream right in his ear. Whoda thunk?

He has figured out that nighttime is for sleeping (except for the eating parts) and he gets more curious about his new world every day. I am definitely in love!


Tiffany Fackrell said...

he is a cutie! Oh and I am glad that you have Scarlet to figure out all of those other things he doesn't like...haha too funny! And I can't believe it has seriously been a month, why do our kids have to grow up so fast? and I have a feeling it will just keep getting faster.

Karisa said...

YAY for new pictuers, I love them, keep em coming. Scarlet is so dang cute, I love the PJ's and Rhode is adorable. I cant believe it has been a month either, that is crazy!

Samantha said...

OH my goodness I'm close to missing the get-a-chance-to-hold-a-newborn phase! I have to come see this kid!

Mindy said...

I love feety jammies too. Rhode looks great. I remember the time flying way too fast at stages I loved and slowing considerably at stages I didn't like so much.

mumovearls said...

oh He is such a sweet baby! Your dad was telling us about Scarlet what a handful you have! She cracks me up!-nena

mumovearls said...

oh He is such a sweet baby! Your dad was telling us about Scarlet what a handful you have! She cracks me up!-nena

Lori said...

Pretty cute kids you got there!!!!! Just finished a fabulous vacation/work trip with your mom. The only thing missing was you.....(next year?)

Peggy Dee said...

I can't wait til Christmas to see my cutie pies. Be sure to pack the footy pajamas. And don't forget to remind Scarlet that she likes me!