Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Christmas Photo Cards

Yay Shutterfly! I am going to do a little blog shout out to Shutterfly and they are going to make my Christmas a little more merry. Because of these fantastic folk, some of you just might actually get a Christmas card from us this year. If that isn't a reason to like Shutterfly, well then I don't know what is.

Shutterfly is pretty awesome. My favorite part about them is they frequently offer sweet deals on their products. I get their email updates and they are very good about offering specials on their printed products. They have a good uploading system and I have been happy with all of my printed quality. They are also quick. I almost always receive my ordered items faster than I am expecting them.

Jon has very fancy ideas for this year's card and Shutterfly has many ways to help us get that done. They have the folded cards, the one sided cards, all of the cute designs... and they have adorable children models on their card. The ones that make you think, 'my family could look this good too if only we had this card!

We'll see how our Christmas photo shoot goes... I might be tempted to just use one of their stock photos of really good looking families. If we look significantly different from last year's photos, well that will be your clue as to how well the picture taking went.

But Kacey, you say, its the second week of December. My cards have been printed and in the mail since October! What can Shutterfly do for me?

Never fear! The true question is, what CAN'T Shutterfly do for me? And the answer is pay your taxes... or make your kids take a decent smiling picture on command. But other than that, they can do pretty much everything.

Need adorable birthday cards without pulling out your fantastic stamp collection?

Had a baby? A good looking one at that? Want to show off how well your genes look on a two week old?

Even for those of you without adorable offspring, who doesn't love pictures of the family pet? Can we say fun themed calendar of all of pooch's adorable exploits?

You guessed it, Bam! Here's the link for you. http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars/desk-calendars

So, when you receive my spectacular Christmas announcements this year, here are some things to remember:

1 - If my family looks cuter than normal, just go with it.

2 - If it doesn't arrive until March, appreciate how long I am letting Christmas live in your hearts

3 - If it is exceptionally adorable, well printed, and just screams awesomeness, well that is because of Shutterfly.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Things I have been doing instead of blogging

1 - Decorating for Christmas

1 a - Keeping my children away from the Christmas decorations at their every waking moment

*** Related Side Story/Facebook Post***
I walked in on Scarlet saying a prayer and asking Heavenly Father to get down her Cinderella ornament from the top of the tree. She promised to catch it if He decided to help.

So torn between proud (that she turned to prayer in her time of need) or annoyed (as I had just recently denied her access to the ornament). I mean its a little like asking dad after mom says no.... right?

2. Sewing a holiday dance outfit for Scarlet's first dance recital

One of way too many sewing projects this season...
2 a - Keeping Rhode away from the very fun, very puffy tutu
3 - Shelling, sorting and baking 10 gallon size bags of Gridley's finest walnuts. So glad to be done. Dang that was a lot of nuts.
3 a - Eating my weight in tangerines, mandarins, persimmons and pomegranates also from the fair orchards of Gridley... a much more enjoyable task.

4 - Taking a trip all the way to Gridley, CA not only for the fresh produce and family, but to pick up our new ride.

Its a on-the-mission loaner from the Nielsens and we are seriously grateful. Hooray for being a two car family again!

But, as you can see, I did find some time to blog. Of course, to fit in blog time I had to not....

1 - clean my kitchen floor (post pomegranate explosions everywhere)
2 - bathe my kids (they don't smell that bad, right?)
3 - work on the ridiculous amounts of Christmas projects I have somehow decided to fit into the next few weeks.

Oh well! Here's to finding time, making time, and ignoring time altogether.

Happy Holidays!