Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Basketball Coach Crazy Style

Soccer went so well, that Jon decided to try his hand at coaching basketball.  We had a good season and a fun little team.  Our team was always short a few players.  We lost one the first practice because the rec center put her on the wrong team.  Scarlet ended up being the only girl.  We lost another kid because he told his mom he wanted to quit after the first practice.  He did not look like a participator.  And we found out at the end of the season that one kid had a bunch of family stuff come up during the season so we didn't see him much.  So we usually only had 7 players to the other team's 10 players.  Our kids had to play more but they really did a great job.

Scarlet and Rhode had great seasons.  They both were more comfortable on the court.  Scarlet scored several times and was a good rebounder.  Rhode got a few baskets as well.  No basketball prodigies, but possibly players in the making.