Friday, July 23, 2010

The Need to Read

Ok, need a little bit of help. I am in need of some good poolside literature. Any reading recomendations?

Katie Reese, Ashley Boice, Samantha Miller... I am looking at you. Not literally. But kinda literally.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Warning: You might hate me a little...

It all started Wednesday morning. Rhode had just woken up and was standing in the kitchen, waiting for breakfast. When, all of a sudden, he turned to me and said very clearly, "mama pee pee!"

I decided to humor him and stuck him on the potty. That is when I noticed his diaper was dry... and then I noticed the potty was suddenly full of pee.


I praised him up and down the house and he got his own special potty treats (3 jelly beans) for being such a big boy. I left him bottomless for the time being.

He proceeded to pee in the potty all day long.

I really could not even believe it. His diaper was even dry post-nap and the following morning!

The next morning, I talked him into wearing a pair of underwear. He peed in them almost instantly.

So we stuck with the half-naked approach.

It has been the most insane thing. My 22 month old potty trained himself. If I could buy the kid a car, I just might do it.

We still need to master #2 and the whole covered bottom thing. Until then, thanks to dad, he gets to sport some sweet butt art.

See, I was right wasn't I? Hating me just a little bit?

Yeah... don't blame ya!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Know You Are A Cheapskate When....

your daughter grabs the grocery ads from the mailbox, her eyes light up to the size of saucers and she screams, "mom! Fish is for sale!"

I glance down at the ad, "Um, Scarlet, that is chicken."



Eyes somehow get even bigger, "Mom, that means chicken is on sale... AND NOW WE CAN GET SOME!"

What followed can only be described as a happy dance.

Before you know it she will be couponing and walking immediately to the back of every clothing store. Gotta love the cheap at heart!