Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The official announcement

My in-laws just got in town this weekend and now that we have finally shared the news with them I can now officially post that I am pregnant! Nielsen child #2 will be here sometime in the end of September. And, to Jon's absolute delight, we are having a boy! I am feeling great, getting round, and now just looking forward to seeing whether I am having another mini Jon or if maybe some of my genes will sneak in this time!

I am a little nervous about having another, as most of you are aware newborns aren't exactly easy. And to do that all over again with my crazy 18 month old running around...
but then I look at old pictures of Scarlet like this one and I remember that it was TOTALLY worth it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catch Up

My camera is finally back so here are a few snippets from our life in the past month.


Jon turned 29 a few weeks ago. We celebrated with some friends by pretending we liked to eat Korean food. Well we only had to pretend to like some of it, some was actually decent.

Always ready when a camera is around, Scarlet pulled out some nice poses for the camera.

I've already mentioned several times Scarlet's amazing eating abilities. But sometimes she shocks even me. She LOVED Korean food. Everything from the kimchi to the squid she ate and asked for more. She is so much like her dad.

And then afterwards, they brought Jon out some celebratory birthday watermelon.


I have finally pulled out the kiddie pool with the hope that Scarlet would just think it was the greatest thing in the whole world. I was imagining my hours lying on the hammock with a book while my self-amused child splashed around. Yeah... not so much.
Jon tried the pool out first while I was at dance. You'll see it in later pictures but its a big frog mouth with a little stream of water that shoots out the front. As you can see, Jon decided the effort of finding swim gear was very overrated. His official comment was, "I didn't know she owned a swimsuit."

It started well... until the water got in her face.

But she did enjoy a little nude sunbathing with Aunt Kristy.

We tried again a week later when her friend Jane was over. As you can see, yes she does own a swimsuit. Jane didn't bring hers along though.
This was about as close as she got to the water.

Oh well, I got her in a full sized pool the other day and she had an absolute blast. Maybe there's hope yet!
And before I wrap up, I have a little dilemma I would love to have solved. Lately Scarlet has been waking up at night, a major rarity thank goodness, and when I check on her I find she has thrown her leg over her mesh bumper and has stuck it through the slats. Then, when she tries to roll over in her sleep and she can't, she wakes up and cries. Why the heck does she stick her legs through there? I checked on her last night to find her sound asleep on her back with her leg up to her knee sticking out of the crib. It's a tall bumper so she is definitely kicking her leg up there on purpose. Any ideas on how to stop her?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Sigh

It feels so good to just sit down, catch up on blogs, and talk about life for a minute. I have been low on these kinds of minutes lately. I really have grown to appreciate those moments when life slows down a little... emphasis on the 'a little'.

My final performance for my theater dance team was last weekend. I was so sad I wasn't able to make it up to Moses Lake for my Aunt Tami's funeral. I have so many wonderful memories of her, she is just one of those women you can't think about without smiling.

My dance teaching job has been fun this semester. I usually put in about 15-20 hours a month, no big deal. In May, I put in 55 hours and I put in 20 in the first week of June alone. With extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals, tech rehearsals and the final performances I've practically lived at the studio. Thankfully Jon and my friend Mindy took on some extra Scarlet time. It was definitely a relief to have it all over with.

Well, I actually only have a few weeks off before summer workshops start. (p.s. if you live in Vegas and have a kid old enough, the workshops are going to be a blast, http://www.hollywoodkidsacademy.com/) Oh, speaking of workshops, here's a little So You Think You Can Dance trivia for ya. On the second season during the Vegas auditions, there was a guy known as 'bad pants nic'. He was one of the last to be cut when making the top twenty but he was known for his hideous pants, so bad the judges asked him to change. Anyway, that guy is teaching dance and theater workshops with me this summer. Crazy huh?

Jon flew up to Moses Lake for the weekend without me to tape my mom's dance recital. Seriously what kind of awesome husband flies up to your hometown to tape not one but three dance shows in a day. He is on the Young Men's kayaking high adventure trip this weekend, hopefully that will balance out last weekend!

So between working on our house (which is really coming out nicely, I will have pictures soon), making the DVD for my mom's show, and my new calling as Primary President, my minutes are filling up quickly. Yes, you heard me right, Primary president.

People in the ward keep asking me how I feel about it. Even though I am a little overwhelmed and have this fear that I'm going to ruin these poor children, on my list of callings that scare me Primary president is still below Cub Scout Master. So I guess they came in a good order for me!

Pictures soon to come!

By the way, on a SYTYCD front, I must say I LOVED Katee & Joshua's hip hop performance. Obviously Joshua did well but Katee totally nailed it. I was way impressed. I though the judges were way too nice to Comfort & her partner. That was the worst! And I thought Kourtni and the tall guys were totally underrated. I really like Mandi Moore's choreography. I love that show...