Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Sigh

It feels so good to just sit down, catch up on blogs, and talk about life for a minute. I have been low on these kinds of minutes lately. I really have grown to appreciate those moments when life slows down a little... emphasis on the 'a little'.

My final performance for my theater dance team was last weekend. I was so sad I wasn't able to make it up to Moses Lake for my Aunt Tami's funeral. I have so many wonderful memories of her, she is just one of those women you can't think about without smiling.

My dance teaching job has been fun this semester. I usually put in about 15-20 hours a month, no big deal. In May, I put in 55 hours and I put in 20 in the first week of June alone. With extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals, tech rehearsals and the final performances I've practically lived at the studio. Thankfully Jon and my friend Mindy took on some extra Scarlet time. It was definitely a relief to have it all over with.

Well, I actually only have a few weeks off before summer workshops start. (p.s. if you live in Vegas and have a kid old enough, the workshops are going to be a blast, Oh, speaking of workshops, here's a little So You Think You Can Dance trivia for ya. On the second season during the Vegas auditions, there was a guy known as 'bad pants nic'. He was one of the last to be cut when making the top twenty but he was known for his hideous pants, so bad the judges asked him to change. Anyway, that guy is teaching dance and theater workshops with me this summer. Crazy huh?

Jon flew up to Moses Lake for the weekend without me to tape my mom's dance recital. Seriously what kind of awesome husband flies up to your hometown to tape not one but three dance shows in a day. He is on the Young Men's kayaking high adventure trip this weekend, hopefully that will balance out last weekend!

So between working on our house (which is really coming out nicely, I will have pictures soon), making the DVD for my mom's show, and my new calling as Primary President, my minutes are filling up quickly. Yes, you heard me right, Primary president.

People in the ward keep asking me how I feel about it. Even though I am a little overwhelmed and have this fear that I'm going to ruin these poor children, on my list of callings that scare me Primary president is still below Cub Scout Master. So I guess they came in a good order for me!

Pictures soon to come!

By the way, on a SYTYCD front, I must say I LOVED Katee & Joshua's hip hop performance. Obviously Joshua did well but Katee totally nailed it. I was way impressed. I though the judges were way too nice to Comfort & her partner. That was the worst! And I thought Kourtni and the tall guys were totally underrated. I really like Mandi Moore's choreography. I love that show...


Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

Kacey. So you are able to watch SYTYCD this year uh?!! How nice. Dont' worry about the nursing cover I am just going to make one. Can't wait to see pictures of your house. Glad you are so busy. Trust me appreciate it. I was on a high because last Sat Tyrel and I went to Walmart, Target, and lunch.

lindsay>boo said...

Wow, Kacey! You are crazy busy right now.

I liked Katee and Joshua's routine as well. I also liked Twitchington. Carson's a huge fan of Twitch.