Monday, January 26, 2009

Crazy lazy weekends

Since we moved into our house almost every Saturday has been a working Saturday. There is always something that needs to be done... ok, several things that need to be done. But we have found a little time lately to enjoy some weekend down time as well. It has been oh so very nice.

It is really hard to stay cooped up painting, sanding or whatever else when you have a sunny 70 degree day waiting for you outside. We fling open every door and curtain and let the sunshine fill our half remodeled home and it just makes us so much happier! Our kids even got to enjoy a little naked time by the open sliding glass door.

Scarlet loaned Rhode the block for the picture.

Two weekends in a row we were able to convince friends to cart their kids over to our house where we let all under the age of four run 'Lord of the Flies' style upstairs while we occupied the downstairs. It was so nice this last weekend that Jon and I decided to pull out the barbecue. Is there anything more fun than enjoying a delicious right-off-the-grill hamburger on a beautiful night in January?! I don't think so.

Once we got all the kids distracted upstairs, we pulled out some Rock Band on the projector. There were four couples in all so the boys went first. We let them play around for a little bit. Then it was time to hand over the babies to the men and form the greatest girl band ever.

I love that you can see all the guys holding the kids in the back.

On drums, we have newly mother of two and first time drummer... me.

On vocals, five months pregnant with baby number three... Ashley.

Rocking the guitar on the left is mother of one Mindi and Angie laid down the bass only weeks away from her due date.

Ok, so by greatest girl band ever I really mean hardly coordinated enough to make it through a whole song on easy... but we had ourselves a good time.

Jon occasionally made it upstairs to make sure all children were still alive with all limbs still attached and I found these pictures on the camera.
Angie's two cuties, Evan and Afton.
Scarlet with Ashley's boys, Bennett & Blaze, and Afton.

And no, luckily no one died from choking on the ping pong balls they are shoving into their mouths.
Good times.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A third of the first year of his life is OVER!

My little guy is officially four months old!
I am told my baby is not as photogenic as I think he is. Somehow pictures make him look even chubbier than he is. My family claims they expected him to be bigger when we came up for Christmas from my blog posts. I'm not sure... he is quite the chub! Almsot everyone who sees him can't resist a little cheek squeeze. Not even Scarlet!
He is also getting so big! I really should be dressing him in 6 month + clothes but he has so many adorable 3-6 month outfits I'm having a really hard time moving on.
He loves to smile, he is just starting to laugh, and he loves the jumperoo. I should clarify, he loves standing in the jumperoo and occasionally lifting his legs in the air. The jumping part of the jumperoo still eludes him. But he has discovered the toys on it and gets a kick out of whacking those.
He has yet to even attempt to roll over. I have decided the delay is a combination of satisfaction and extra chubbiness. He is just too content to lay in whatever position I put him to do anything about it. And really that is a lot of extra baby poundage to get up and around to the other side.
Everyone should be blessed with a kid this happy and chunky. It is the sweet life!