Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Nielsen Christmas Newsletter

It was a pretty impressive card this year.  The need to top ourselves is getting a little ridiculous...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

December... ish

My friend Zannie Collette hosted her annual Christmas bake off contest.  I came in with a real winner, sticky toffee pudding with whipped cream and caramel sauce.  Sadly it was extremely messy and did not mesh well with all the other more utensil free desserts.  And all my dastardly efforts to defeat Roweena were for naught.  She beat me anyway.  She earned it though... even I voted for her.  One of the best events of the season.

From Facebook:
Santa: what do you want for Christmas?
Asher: nuttin
SantA: you want nothing?
Asher; no, I want nuttin, with googly eyes
SantA: okay...
I think he might not understand the song "I'm getting nuthin for Christmas."

We made gingerbread cookies.  My kids definitely enjoy making gingerbread more than eating it.  But they love the tradition anyway.

Scarlet and Rhode had an international day at school.  Scarlet's country was Mexico and Rhode's was Italy.

Scarlet loves to take Jude outside when he's sad and rock him on the hammock.  This day she actually got him to fall asleep right on her.  So dang cute.

Cute pictures I took of my kids on a cloudy fall day.

We had a great Christmas morning together.

Jon opening a homemade gift from Rhode while wearing the hat Scarlet crocheted for him.  Dads totally get hooked up.

Our kids got some fun gifts from Santa Clause that they had been asking for.  We gave the kids an evening at "Tournament of Kings".  So after a Christmas day, we dressed up in our new dress up clothes (Scarlet as a princess, Rhode as a Knight, and Asher as Robo Knight from Power Rangers) and headed out to enjoy the show.

I was nervous about Jude but he double fisted my broccoli and was mesmerized by everything in the show.  The older kids enjoyed the food and loved the show.  Jon insisted we sit in the "dragon" section which means you are cheering for the bad guy the whole time.  Afterward, we got to meet dragon and take a picture with him.  It was a great night.

And here we are in our Christmas Sunday finest.   Thank you grammy for the matching boys vests.  They looked extra spiffy.