Sunday, August 28, 2011

He's Got the Look

I have developed a bad habit of referring to Asher as Rhode... not as often as Jon does but still more than a mother should. And I didn't really understand why until I started going through old baby pictures. It's official. I make one kind of baby.

So now I have developed a fun new game that is sweeping the nation!

Name That Nielsen Baby!

Don't let the anticipation overwhelm you. The answers are in the comment section.

How did you do? I admit, I actually had to go back and check the picture labels to make sure I had the right ones.

I am a one hit baby making wonder... at least the mold is a good one!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

"Mom, why does the baby need you to help him all the time?"

Our newest Nielsen came out a lot smaller and less self-sufficient than my kids were expecting. He doesn't want any of the toys they got ready for his arrival, they aren't allowed to share their food with him, he poops frequently, and, worst of all, he cries in the car sometimes and makes it really hard for Scarlet to hear herself sing.

But other than the fact that he is a little smaller than they prefer, they absolutely love him.
Scarlet is the best little mom ever. She is a baby holding pro and is only ever soft and gentle with him. There have been many moments in the past two weeks where I have needed "5 minutes" to finish something up before giving Asher the attention he is so desperately needing. Scarlet is always willing to sit with her baby brother, offer him the pacifier and just keep him entertained.
Rhode also loves his new little brother, but is a tad bit less helpful. He asks to hold the baby all day long... and then wants to give him back about 2 second later.

"He's heavy, mom. You can take him."

Seven and a half pounds, Rhode. We might need to start some early weight training.

Asher is a great little guy. He is sweet and very, very patient. Poor third children. I think of all the time and attention I had for Scarlet and just hope my poor little guy doesn't feel too deprived. Scarlet got to eat and sleep whenever she darn well pleased. Asher, on the other hand, gets to fit everything around a much fuller schedule.

Nap times get interrupted all the time for errand running, noisy siblings, and the occasional Sunday morning photo shoot.

Other than a little sleep deprivation, he doesn't make me feel too bad about my neglect. Instead, he is usually very cooperative. His best trait thus far, other than his soft adorableness, he loves his sling. I have been all over town with this little guy already and he just sleeps away as we shop.

*** Other great thing about the sling: When you have your baby all slinged up, Walmart strangers are much less likely to come poking at your newborn. Where car seats welcome all kinds of crazies to touch your small child, slings detract even the most socially awkward of people from germing up your baby. People just graciously admire your tiny bundle from a comfort zone distance. ***

Asher likes to be wide awake at about 7 every morning and then spends the next two hours or so just being awake and generally happy. I can lay him just about anywhere and he will look around, wave his little fists, and just sit contentedly.

Even if the people around him aren't being nearly entertaining enough.
I usually stick him in his sibling's beds as I get them dressed and ready for the day. Asher usually just hangs out with their many bedtime buddies until its his turn.

The kid loves to eat. LOVES to eat. Nursing distracts him from any and all of lifes difficulties. I have to be careful with collared baby outfits and blankets getting too close to his lips. It just takes the lightest touch to remind this guy that he is, in fact, not eating right at that moment.

Asher and I took another week off from church today to get a little more meat on those skinny little legs. But, we fit in a little pre-church family photo shoot. I dressed and primped Scarlet and Rhode as fast as I could and Asher made it through two hours, watching our Sunday preparations. He fell asleep literally as Jon picked up the camera and we headed outside.

Now we just need to get a little more chub on this guy so he can sleep a little longer and we have got ourselves the full baby package!