Friday, January 22, 2010

Conversation Uninterrupted

Scene: Ashley's house, mid-morning

Characters: Scarlet - two year old with
'oldest girl/mommy wannabe' syndrome,
Bennett - too observant for his own good four year old,
Blaze (2) & & Sela (not a real person) - extras, Rhode (1) not invited to participate

Scarlet: (enters the room with Bennett) Now help me put Sela in her chair. Watch her legs! Now wrap the blanket around her and we will set her up there. (Points to couch)

(Bennett and Scarlet proceed to baby talk, coo, tickle and otherwise entertain said baby doll)

Bennett: I think it is bedtime for the kids.

Scarlet: Ok (she gathers baby doll and blanket tenderly in her arms and goes walking back towards children bedroom. She pauses momentarily at adult [me] sitting on floor)
I'm the mom. (pause) You're the mom. (realization) I'm the mom too!

Bennett: (Also addressing adult) Yeah, I'm the dad because I'm four and I'm the oldest and Scarlet is the mom. Cela and Blaze are the kids. We are putting them to bed!

('Mom' & 'Dad' proceed to back bedroom for significant amount of time. A large amount of baby talk and persuasion can be heard as they attempt to talk the two year old into actually getting in bed. Once task is complete, the couple again enters the living room)

Bennett: Ok, the kids are in bed. Now we go to bed.

(Adult's attention is perked)

Scarlet: Yeah! (Searches for a suitable resting ground for herself)

Bennett: No, moms and dads sleep together! (Heads towards parent bedroom)

(Adult is at full attention)

Scarlet: I want to go to sleep on the couch!

Bennett: Ok!

(Scarlet and Bennett find suitable reclining positions on sofa, both facing each other with foreheads slightly touching. They stare intently at each other, waiting for someone to announce what event will happen next)

Bennett: (moments later jumps up from couch) The babies are awake!

Scarlet: (similarly jumps) Yeah, let's get them!

Bennett: No, you stay in bed. Dad goes and gets the babies and you stay in bed until everyone is awake.

Scarlet: Oh, yeah. Ok. I stay here. (lays back on couch)

(Bennett proceeds to 'wake up' the children and then walks into the bathroom with child Blaze on his tail)

Blaze: Bennett, I mean dad, I need you to get me something.

Bennett: Hold on! (seconds later, exits the bathroom) Ok, I am done with my shower. Now I can help you.

Blaze: Let's play trains!

Bennett & Scarlet: Ok!

(Adult is left in middle of the floor with unreleased laughter bursting at every seam. Curtains close)

I believe this is Scarlet's first official roll as pretend mom. Thank you Bennett for being the source of hours of pretend games for my child and for demonstrating oh so perfectly how the Stout household is run.

Imagination is a joy to behold.