Monday, March 30, 2015


Around this time of year, the pictures get fewer and farther between...  Spring is my busy season for Team Dance and so a lot of things are not as carefully documented as I would like them to be.  But we had a great Spring.  We got to travel quite a bit.  My kids came with me to several events and had a great time exploring some of the west coast.  I really have a great job.

We got to spend a few glorious days in Gridley.  Bert and Charla kept the babes while Jon and I stayed down in Sacramento for the event.  The kids helped grandpa and grandma do some gardening.  They even planted the corn.

"Mom, take a picture of us pretending to pick fruit!"

Our annual Easter egg dying was successful.

Jude didn't understand why he wasn't allowed to redye the kid's already made eggs.  It was devastating.  I posted this picture on instagram and people couldn't tell if it was Asher or Jude.  The Nielsen baby mold strikes again.

Don't worry, he got over it.

Our Easter egg scavenger hunt.

I took the kids to the park the Monday after Easter.  The ground was covered in squished jelly beans and other clear signs of a large Easter party.  I tried in vain to keep my kids from eating stepped on candy.  Eventually I just gave up.  Kids are gross.

We got to do a mystery shop at the Coca Cola store.  the kids love the Float sample tray.

Asher and Jude decided one morning that they were sick of the weird brown pieces and wanted to finish all of the lucky charms marshmallows once and for all.  This method was very successful.

And a few more randoms...

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Birthday Number 8

My baby Scarlet girl turned 8 years old.  We threw her a tea party with all her friends.  

Each guest got to paint their own big tea cup and saucer.  Then we pulled out our tea party finery and drank strawberry lemonade and ate chocolate chip cookie and brownie bars.  

She received a lot of fun arts and crafts sets.  Perfect for this crafty girl.

The pottery place gave her a plate with her hand print on it that all her guests signed.  We had in attendance:
Adelaide Hubble, Nicole Castro, Sofia Balyrut, Stella Hines-Lanman, Deonna Egbert, Ellie Collette, and since we had a last minute cancellation, Rhode.
We had a great time.  But it was just a moment compared to the big event to come!

Scarlet "When we got there they handed us all little teapots and platters to paint on.  And also, everyone got to bring their favorite doll.  And we made little cakes and strawberry lemonade.  And at the end, we painted a plate and I got to paint my hand.  I also got to put my handprint on my platter.  It was really fun.  I got lots of presents.  The end."