Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi I'm Asher

Hi, I'm Asher

I'm one.

This is my brother.
He thinks its awesome when we wrestle.
I do too... until I get body slammed or head locked.

I have the best backyard ever.
Dad leaves tons of big tools around for me.

Not to mention all of the dirt and water everywhere. 

But they are nothing compared to the sand.  
I know how to fill my pockets full of the stuff to save for later.

My buddy Will came over for my birthday.  
At least, I think we're buddies.  I only notice he existed for the first time today.

I had a good birthday dinner in my favorite high chair, mom's lap.

Rachel got me a slip n slide.  She thinks I will share with the siblings.
We'll see.

This whole opening present thing is pretty awesome.
At least I think it is... Scarlet and Rhode didn't really give me a chance.
I think I will get a turn with my new toys eventually.

What's with the candles you can't touch?  

Frosting.  Good stuff.
Cake. Meh.

Finally, I get to try one of my presents!
 With company...
Oh well, happy birthday to me!