Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Survival Guide

Over our long tenure in Las Vegas, we have learned a few cardinal rules to surviving the summers.

Rule #1 - Always park in the shade whenever possible.  Even if this means a longer walk to your final destination, not getting burned by your seatbelt and steering wheel make it totally worth it.

Rule #2 - Do your best to ignore your electricity bill for a few months.  We can be scrimpy with our heat in the winter if it means turning on your AC without guilt or concern.  The escaping cool breeze when you walk in the door is worth a significant amount of dollars.

Rule #3 - If you are lucky enough to have a friend with a boat, treat that friend VERY VERY WELL!

We take our rules very seriously and when our friends did purchase an amazing boat, we instantly became the best boating buddies known to man.  We are available to come at a moment's notice, we come well stocked with food and water, but avoid anything that could be harmful to the boat interior.  We are fully complicit to all rules involving shoes on the boat, and we are generous with our gas reimbursement.  See, you should invite us on your boat too!

And we have thankfully enjoyed multiple boat outings.

We helped them take the boat out for the first ride of the season this year in early May.  The weather wasn't being totally cooperative and the lake was pretty choppy when we got out there but it was still an awesome time at the lake.

We fit in some wake boarding and some skiing (from Brian and Jon, two of the three women in the boat were pregnant and one had a two months old) and the kids enjoyed some boat cruising.

What's better than a baby that is willing to nap like this?

Our beautiful boat owner, just weeks away from her due date.  We strategized over how to construction a boat bassinet for their new little one...

 And even though the water was just a touch above freezing, my boys had no qualms about jumping in and taking a swim.

This was taken shortly before Brian threw Rhode back flip style into the water.  Brian is the best fill-in Uncle ever.

Thank you again Rosenlofs for the fantastic outings!  You have singlehandedly made living through another Vegas summer that much more bearable.

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