Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girl's Weekend

It was Courtney's last year on the BYU Ballroom team and I wasn't able to make it to even one performance all year!  It was devastating... she only had one performance left before they took off to Blackpool to compete and then tour Europe and I knew I had to be there.  It was not a good time for me to be out of town but there was no doubt in my mind, I was going.  

It was only a few days before I left that I considered bringing Scarlet with me.  She is getting big so fast, I had forgotten for a moment how much fun she is becoming.  It is so great when they make that transition from "more work than fun" to "more fun than work" and Scarlet is really right there.  So, we both hopped in the car and took off to Utah.

We had a great weekend doing some wedding shopping for Courtney and attending a Bridal Shower in her honor.  I hadn't really though about Scarlet being at the shower... and the things she might hear.  I had to answer some interesting questions after the shower, the most difficult one being, "Why did Kylie get Courtney genuine possum fur nipple warmers from New Zealand?"  

Since I am not entirely sure what the true purpose for nipple warmers really is (other than the seemingly obvious reason) and why someone would want their warmers to be made of genuine possum fur, it was a rough one to explain... but totally worth it.  Thank you again for the laugh, Kylie.

Then, we got to go to Courtney's show and see the premiere performance of their Blackpool routine.

Courtney had given us some vague details but I was blown away when the dance began with a beautiful lift sequence involving all of the boys and Courtney!  The dance also ended with her in an amazing lift surrounded by the team.  She was the star of the number and she didn't even tell us beforehand!  I would have been shouting that kind of information from the rooftops....

Scarlet's second cousins, Carolina and Grace came along as well.  Fun fact, Carolina is two years older than Scarlet and Grace is about 7 months older.  They make Scarlet look extremely tall... :)

It made all of the ignored obligations and long car ride totally and completely worth it.  You will always be a star to us Courtney!  Until another sibling does something equally or more impressive that is...

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