Monday, July 22, 2013

Beat the Heat

This is my ninth summer living in Las Vegas.  Ninth!  I really truly must be a crazy person.  Maybe my brain has just actually turned to mush from the heat rendering me helpless to actually leave...

I was dreading the though of another summer of hot car seats and misery every time we stepped out the front door, so I broke down and spent some money to provide for some much needed summer escapes.

Our first season pass was to the new Discovery Children's Museum.  It was a very very good purchase.  The museum is three levels high and it built with children and moms in mind.  It is a fantastic getaway.

They have a room full of water activities that Asher adores.  They even come with these ponchos so fully dressed children can play without their mothers worrying about them getting absolutely soaked in their water exploration.

Ha!  Take that Discovery. Its gonna take more than a poncho to keep these two boys dry!  Even soaked from head to toe and shivering from the air condition they still enjoyed every minute of our outing.

Face pulling aside, Scarlet loves it there too. 

We have a pass that includes up to eight people so consider that a visiting incentive to anyone wanting to brave the heat with us!

Our second season pass is to our new water park, Wet N Wild.  It is crazy that Las Vegas went almost a decade without having a water park.  At first I was not very happy with the park, they are severely lacking in amenities for little kids.  Asher has about one slide choice and nowhere to just roam and splash freely to his hearts content.

But water is water.

And where there is water, Asher is rearin' to go.

We have gone a few times now and have a pretty good system down.  We spend a lot of time in the lazy river (Asher prefers to go without the tube, I think it makes him feel like he is just a really fast swimmer) and in the wave pool.  Scarlet has conquered every slide in the park, including the seven story drop slide that she is just barely tall enough for.  And, after almost wimping out, Rhode has finally discovered that he LOVES big water slides too.  which means lots of line waiting for dad...

Two goals for the summer 1) survive this pregnancy and 2) make this the LAST Vegas summer for the Nielsen family!  Wish us luck...  don't ask us where we are going yet.  If we knew, we would be there.


Katie said...

I vote NC next!

Heather said...

Hi Kacey! I'm Heather! I have a quick question about your blog :-) My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)

Peggy Dee said...

Love the swim goggles and the pacifier combination!