Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh, Asher

Asher is now talking our ears off.  He is still pretty hard to understand, but his vocabulary is pretty extensive.  He is absorbing like a sponge right now everything he sees around him.  Some good things... a lot of not so good things.  
His favorite show right now is Might Morphin Power Rangers.  Thanks for that one, Jon and Netflix.  He goes around the house hitting ninja poses and singing, "Go go... Wain-gers!"
But, Scarlet has made sure her her feminine influence on the boys in our family is never too far behind. After a morning of Scarlet-chosen girly shows, Asher requested this outfit instead of his usual ninja or Spiderman dress up.

"A pin-cess", he told me.

"Do you look like a princess, Asher?"


"How does a princess pose for a picture?" I asked.

She has trained him well....

He also has a love for sitting on my lap while I am working on the computer, which has been an extensive amount of time for the past few months.  And he has learned that I am usually working on dances, which he loves to watch.

So the other day, I pulled up an awesome break dancing number from one of my events and Rhode and Asher were enthralled.  They requested to watch it five times in a row before I finally called it good.  At the end of the routine, the dancer does an aerial off the front of the stage onto the audience floor below.  It is really fantastic and Asher and Rhode screamed with delight every time it happened.

Later that same day, I was lounging on the couch while Asher walked down the stairs.  He got about seven steps from the bottom before he turned to me and said, "Mom, I jump."  And before I could respond, he did just that... landed about two steps down from that and tumbled down the rest of the way.  Thank goodness for carpeted stairs...

You could see from his reaction that he was not expecting that result at all.  I have no definitive proof, but I just can't help but think he was attempting his own awesome stage leap.

He attempted the same stunt from about five stairs up the next day before finally consenting to the fact that it was just not going to happen how he imagined it would.

And finally, even his favorite literature is ruining him.  His most requested book these days is called, "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More," about a little boy who can't help but paint himself from head to toe even though his mama told him not to.

He was already the master of mass destruction whenever he could find a marker, but he has decided to avoid the walls and go straight for his own skin.

This was from the day he found a highlighter and, when realizing it would not sufficiently color his arm, proceeded to suck on it.

And soon he will be two...


Mindy said...

I thought he had an orange in his mouth in the last one. Funny!

Kristy said...

Princess Asher is adorable.