Monday, July 22, 2013

Preschool Wrap Up

I have had a collection of preschool things I had gathered to scan so I could sufficiently document Rhode's great school year.  I cannot find a SINGLE item.

Oh wait, take that back.  I forgot he stuck this photo to his door.  I lied.  I have ONE SINGLE item.

Great, I'm not a good kindergarten or preschool mom!  

Rhode had a great year in Creative Critters Preschool.  His teacher, Miss Heidi, did a great job making everything hands on and keeping those active kids busy.  Rhode begged to go to school every day.

I love that he says he wants to be an artist.  Sorry buddy, there are few artistic genes from either side of your parents :)

His teacher gave him a copy of the book Oh the Places You Will Go and wrote a very sweet message to him.  He can now take it to all of his teachers through the years.  It is such a cute idea and one I would have admired from a distance for years if she hadn't been so kind to start it for us.  People like Heidi make my life easier.

I didn't get to go to his graduation, and he almost didn't get to go either thanks to some interesting message relaying between Jon and me.  But, we got it all sorted out and he has graduated... kinda.  He makes the cut off for Kindergarten this year but just barely (his birthday is September 13th).  Academically, he is doing really well but I just feel like he would really thrive as the oldest in his grade.  So he graduated from Preschool year one!  

And now a moment to tell you how awesome you are Rhode.  He is so bright.  He loves to talk to everyone we run into and tell them a story.  Beware if you were looking to just say a quick hi to my children as you pass by, conversation has been started and Rhode will keep you listening as long as you will stick around.  

I was planning on starting reading with him this year, but he was able to pick up on a bunch of words just from our scripture reading.  He then asked for BOB books and raced through the first four sets in a month.  It was crazy for me.  Scarlet was a good reader, but at the beginning it was really slow going figuring out how to take the sounds of the letters and turn them into a word.  Rhode got it instantly.  He now reads me about 2 - 3 library books a day and I find him quietly reading in his room off and on during the day.  

He also loved to read non fiction books, which Scarlet doesn't enjoy at all.   We are reading a book about sharks together and he finds all of it fascinating.  Sorry buddy, I don't think artist is where your strengths are! 

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Peggy Dee said...

Rhode's reading is amazing! I'm afraid artist is off the table. His childhood is not tortured enough. Poor Rhode!