Monday, July 8, 2013


Our gardening efforts have not gotten much more exciting over the seasons.  We can usually get some cherry and pear tomatoes, the basil grows pretty well, and everything else just kind of shrivels and dies as it gets hot.  

Last year, Scarlet really wanted to plant an artichoke plan during our spring garden shopping.  I had never actually seen an artichoke grow on a plant so I was game.  Our artichoke plant grew slowly but surely all season long but never looked like anything more than a big weed.  But, it didn't ever die so we just left it alone.

It survived the winter and then, all of a sudden, it was sprouting artichokes like mad!  

We were not really sure when to cut them so our first few were a little young.  We got better and had plenty to practice with.  I am pretty sure at last count we had eaten eight artichokes from our plant.

All three of my kids love artichokes.  I occasionally try to make them fancier, but they prefer the "steam and dip in butter" method.  Why fix what ain't broken?


Kristy said...

I love artichokes, but I feel so wasteful when I eat them.

Katie said...

How cool!

Katie said...
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