Monday, November 18, 2013

Soccer Season

It was a great moment when I realized Rhode was finally old enough for his own extracurricular activity.  That kid needed some energy burning time badly.

By the way, can you believe the view from his soccer field?  It was a fantastic park.
Rhode's team was called the Dragons.  It was mostly compiled of a group of friends with a few stragglers (we were in the straggler group).  But they were a great group of people and there was always a lot of fun chatting to be found during practice/games.  Which is a very good thing when watching 5 year old soccer.

Rhode was picked as Most Improved Player on his team, which I think was really well deserved.  His first practices included a lot of fake falling down and the always enjoyable 'sitting in the middle of the field during a scrimmage' stunt.  His first game included pretty much no contact with the ball.  But by his last game, he had moments where he definitely looked like he knew what he was doing.  I am not sure we have a pro soccer player on our hands but he is looking forward to playing again next year.
Scarlet also played again this year.  The league did a very annoying thing and put the five year old games at a different park than then other soccer teams.  So not only were Scarlet and Rhode's games not on the same field, but they were usually at the same time.  There were two weeks when Jon and I had to handle two simultaneous games without each other and it was pure craziness.  Most weeks we just had to split up.  I was kind of always gearing to get to go to this girl's games.
Scarlet's team, the Fireballs, was GOOD this year!  We had the same coach as last year and he put the kids to work. We had a few kids that were really fast and one kid who had some serious ball handing skills.  We went undefeated (in the non scoring league :) and some games had a clean sweep.

Scarlet definitely improved this year and even scored three goals this season.
She is great at the running and sticking with the ball.  Her team was even really good at spreading out and taking control of the field.  She had some great big kicks down field.  Now we need to work on dribbling!
Soccer season is great at the time, but no sadness to see it end.  Yay to having our Saturdays back for awhile!


Mindy said...

Oh I missed the couch from last year! I'm glad it over but also glad your kids were able to play. Maybe Jane can do something like that again.

David Earl said...

This mom - So glad we got to see Scarlet's game! It reminded me I have pictures to upload!! Geesh.