Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm a little crazy, but in a good way

When the Earl girl cousins first started throwing around dates for a reunion, I was planning on having a baby in October.  So September seemed perfect.  Finally, I could go to a reunion without having to bring along a baby.  And then it turned out I was not very good at math and I was due the week before the reunion was scheduled.

This reason alone is probably why I was so anxious to have Jude ASAP (that and pregnancy being extremely uncomfortable and all).  So when he was born only six days before the reunion, I thought my chances of getting to go were gone.

But then I came home from the hospital and sat around my house for 5 days while my mom handled everything.  And then I realized my mom was driving home.  And then I did a little logical thinking.  When my mom leaves, my activity level is going to increase.  I could stay home and pretend to rest while my children were either A) begging at my feet or, more likely, B) doing something naughty out of my reach, or I could hop in the car and continue my recovery time with some of my favorite people on the planet.

Hopping in the car for 5 hours a week after having a baby is not the most pleasant experience, but guys, seriously, it was totally worth it.

I spent the entire weekend sitting while my family entertained me.

I got to hand over my new little guy to his aunts every time  he wasn't hungry, and even a few times when he was hungry.  He got in some great naps laying on one of these ladies shoulders.
Plus I got to spend some time with Jules.  Every time we get time to chat, I find myself realizing how awesome I think she is and how perfect she is for Brad.  I like this whole new sister thing.

Funny Story:  So we took a little trip to Costco before heading up for the reunion and I had Jude in the sling (like I do in the picture below).  While in the checkout line, the lady in front of me turned around and asked, "What do you have in that little bundle of yours?"  "Umm... a baby?" I answered, very confused as to whether or not she was kidding, but she was genuinely shocked.  After looking at this picture, I kinda get why, he was still a pretty tiny thing.

It was such a fantastic weekend with all kinds of unforgettable moments.  I stayed up way too late and the flight home was all kinds of miserable but it was so very much worth it.


Lynette said...

Holy cow! Look at all the girls in your family! I am jealous!

Mindy said...

I'm so glad you went. I wish my cousins were as awesome as yours and we did something like this. ;D

David Earl said...

This is mom - So glad it worked out in spite of Jude not coming when we wanted/hoped/needed him to come which was Sept. 17th or 18th!(in case inquiring minds were wondering!)