Thursday, November 21, 2013


Jude had a very impressive turnout for his blessing date.  I am sure its because you are so universally loved, not because it was the first weekend in November and the weather was exceptionally lovely...

Grandpa Dave made a rare, but always enjoyable visit.  He and Jude had some serious bonding time.

The rest of the crew included Jon's parents, his sister Krista and her husband Bill, and all of my sisters and mom.

We had a great weekend.  Dixie State was playing UNLV that weekend so everyone got to go see Curtis play, and they even had the courtesy to win their exhibition game.  I'm sure it was mostly in honor of Jude.  We watched the kid's soccer game Saturday morning and then the boys spent the afternoon golfing.  We then took everyone out to dinner at the tapas restaurant, Firefly, that evening and rounded out the night with Krispy Kremes.

And what weekend would be complete without teaching your youngest sister in law how to smash her first pumpkin?

I planned on blessing Jude in the baby tux his two brothers and worn previously.  It fit Asher perfectly and it was a squeeze on Rhode, but he was two and a half months old.  I thought we would be safe... but no.  My little chubster was much too thick for the unstretchy attire.  So this soft and stretch white cardigan outfit fit the bill.  

The blessing was exceptionally beautiful and we all felt very loved and supported surrounded by so much family.


Mindy said...

Awesome! I love the reference to not fitting in the clothes his brothers both wore. :D

David Earl said...

Such a fun weekend! So glad Jude is here!!

David Earl said...

Such a fun weekend! So glad Jude is here!!