Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pomegranate Time

Bert and Charla got to hang out for a few days following Jude's blessing and brought along several delicious garden treats for us to share.  Kiwis, tomatos and lemons topped the list but what our children were most excited about were the pomegranates.  

Peeling has become an outside activity only... especially since Asher has mastered the art of squeezing the seeds until they squirt juice on the nearest passerby.

There was one terrible incident where I spilled a whole bowl of freshly plucked seeds.  But my kids proceeded to eat most of them straight off the patio.
Stained from head to foot?  Totally worth it.

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David Earl said...

Gonna make some pomegranate salad for Thanksgiving! I hope I don't come out as red!!