Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Randoms of July

Scarlet and I got our hair cut at the beginning of the summer.  We both got shorter do's but mine was especially short.  Scarlet got a kick out of the big ponytail of hair I cut off.    I went from this:

To this.  It made the summer so much more enjoyable.  I have loved short hair.

Scarlet's cut turned out very adorable.

Asher was extremely pleased to try on his wedding clothes for Kylie's wedding.  Thrilled actually.

He prefers his basketball shirt.. and selfies.

Sometimes mom has a crazy hair day and takes pics with her boys.

One of the many outdoor meals they planned for themselves this summer.  Kids eating outdoors is the best thing that could happen to summertime.

I had a fun night out with some ladies and we went painting.  Yeah, painting is not a skill of mine.  But a night chatting with fun people, totally my scene.

 Here's my poor painting.  My hummingbird looks overdue with triplets... Scarlet was impressed.

Scarlet made herself breakfast one morning.  I was impressed with the healthful balance.  She was impressed with the happy nature of her creation.

Jude loves donuts.  Every now and again, in the middle of an unrelated conversation, he will perk up and say, "donut?"  He is always annoyed when we don't have one sitting around for him at these random moments.

The three older kids played tennis this summer.  Poor kids were out in triple digit heat almost every practice.  Jude is also pretty sure he is a tennis player.  He insisted on taking a racket every week and hitting the balls I threw at him.  We are hoping to take tennis in the spring this year so it isn't so miserably hot.

And one hot afternoon, we hit up the digiridoo show at the library.  The kids were fascinated by the strange instruments and the very strange presenters.  Scarlet and Rhode even got to take a turn onstage.

And finally, a mom and her boys.  That is one lucky lady for sure.

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