Thursday, July 23, 2015

Earlchella 2015

Every other year, the Earl girl cousins get together to reconnect.  It am so glad to be a part of this group.  It has got to be one of the best group of girls out there.  I love the originals, I love the married ins.  It was such a fantastic weekend.

This year we headed up to Spanish Fork and stayed at Kim Wise's house.  She has a beautiful house and we were all comfortable.  For the first time ever, I did not have a small baby at the reunion!  But oddly enough this was the year that every one else did, including Kristy.  I volunteered to camp with Kristy and we got Kim's nice big room so Declan could get some good rest.

We ate delicious food, including a night at the Provo food trucks that was fantastic.  

We sang karaoke.  We sang karaoke hard.

We had some other amazing activities.  We all brought a favorite gift to share and did an exchange game.  We all took home some fantastic new treasures.

The highlight of the trip was the Hollywood Game Night.  I hadn't actually watched the show before, but seriously was I missing out.  Angie gathered some clues and games from the show and we had the ultimate game off.  There was charades, movie guessing, catch phrase, puzzles, so so many games.  We competed and shouted and laughed and ran into each other and won and lost.  It was so so so much fun.

After the reunion of awesomeness, I stole this little guy and took him home with me.

Okay, I took his mom too.  Kristy, Declan and I had a great week together.  I got to get some awesome baby snuggles with one of the most content babies on the planet and got to hang out with my sister.  

Jude was very interested in Declan, as long as I wasn't holding him.  

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