Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain Hiking

On a random Saturday in July, we decided to go on an adventure.  The weather was looking a little iffy, but hey its Las Vegas!  Rain never sticks around that long.  Jon found a fun new path for us that led us right past a herd of wild burro and lead to a little stream.

But when we got to the start of the hike, it was still coming down pretty hard.  So we scrounged up any rain gear we could in the car (a few hats, a thermal blanket, a plastic bag or two...) and took off anyway.

My biggest mistake was wearing jean shorts.  They were already a little loose on me.  Add some water and it was all I could do to keep my shorts on.  Jon gave me his rain jacket.  I held onto Jude and Jon wedged the jacket around the two of us.  We stayed nice and toasty in there, especially when Jude feel asleep and became a sleeping baby space heater.

Jude slept most of the way in and was pretty cranky on the way out.  That meant no walking.  It also meant that he was annoyed with all of my attempts to switch him into my hip or any other comfortable carrying position.  So I had to just carry him in front of me the entire way in and out.  When we finally got back, my arms would hardly straighten they were so sore.  Don't worry Jude, you were worth it.

The kids were super tough.  It was cold and wet.  But the burros were awesome and the water was cool.  And there is just something about feeling cold in July in the desert.  It's miserable and magical at the same time.  

In the end, we were cold, wet to the bone and tired, but had an awesome afternoon to remember.  I love my adventure babies.

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