Friday, July 31, 2015

Boating Summer

We got to go out with our friends, the Rosenlofs, on their boat several times this summer.  All of the kids loved diving straight into the lake.  Jon wasn't able to join us most of the times so we kept the water activities to a minimum.  But every now and then we pulled out the tube.  I seriously rode like this with them.  It was crazy.

Asher is the best tuber known to man.  We have always called him monkey boy because he can hold onto anything.  As a baby, you could just let go of him and he would cling to you.  While tubing, there were at least four times when he got bounced so high his entire body left the tube but those little monkey paws of his never lost their grip.  We were rolling with laughter so hard.

We had one crazy adventure.  We usually hit the lake in the middle of the week but we went out one Saturday afternoon.  The dock was being reconstructed so there was only one lane open.  The line to get a boat in was soooo long.  It took us almost two hours just to get our boat in the lake.  We started at 3 pm and didn't get in until 5 pm.  We cruised around a bit, did a few wakeboarding runs, let the kids swim a little, then headed back for the dock as the sun was going down.  We got to the dock a little before 8 pm. We did get out of the water until about 10:15 pm.  At that point, it was completely dark, the kids were losing it, and it seemed like the night that would never end.  

We finally were in our car and headed back to town.  I stopped at the Taco Bell drive through in Boulder City so the kids could get a quick dinner at the only place that was still open.  Plus I figured a caramel apple empanada would end the evening on a good note. There were only two cars in front of me but I waited 15 minutes to get to the window.  Then the lady left me at the window for 10 minutes.   Ten minutes!   I was so done.  So so done.  She finally came to the window to say they were still waiting for the empanadas.  I took the food she had ready and sped off.  That place still owes me 4 empanadas.

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