Saturday, July 25, 2015

Asher is 4 years old!

During a church auction, I won a pizza party for ten at Cici's Pizza.  Cici's is a pizza buffet that is located almost across the street from us.  But we have never been there.  Not once.  But somehow, I managed to convince Asher that it would be the coolest place ever to have a birthday party.  He was totally on board.  

We did have a great time.  Aunt Kylie and Uncle Stephen were in town, along with Aunt Kristy and cousin Declan.  We had our friends the Shrouts, the Mackays and the Egberts show up.  Pizza was consumed in mass quantities, soda was gulped, glow sticks were sported, and presents were given.  

Cici's makes a macaroni and cheese pizza... which is basically a cheese pizza with noodles on it.  Jude was a big fan.

Scarlet and Calvin Shrout.

Rhode and Ian Shrout

The whole crew!

Thankfully Will Shrout brought his camera and took a lot of photos...because I kind of forgot to.

Brooklyn Mackay, Asher, and Frankie Shrout

Overall a big success.

One of his favorite gifts was some awesome soccer gear from Grammy.  This guy instantly looked like a pro.

Which was great timing because Asher had won a free season of Lil' Kickers soccer at the school raffle.

So every Tuesday night, we would head down to the indoor soccer area.  There is nothing better than indoor soccer during the summer.  The kids and I would stick around while he had his lesson.  Scarlet commandeered my phone one practice and caught was these normally looked like.

Jude would wander.

I would read and ignore everyone.

And Jude would wander some more.  He usually insisted we bring "Jude's soccer ball" so he could play as well.

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