Sunday, September 28, 2014

I am an Aunt! Again

I have had the only children on my side of the family for seven years.  SEVEN YEARS PEOPLE!  So you can imagine my excitement when Courtney and Jules announced that they were pregnant.  Not only was Courtney going to have the first non-Nielsen grandbaby, but she was going to deliver in St. George, TWO HOURS FROM MY HOUSE!  Not even caps lock can express my excitement.

I just wanted to be there so bad.  I wanted to meet my nephew and help Courtney adjust to the crazy role that is motherhood.  But she was due like a week after school started.  And I have four kids.  And my husband runs his own company so there isn't really a lot of "time off".  It was seeming more and more like a pipe dream.

But then Courtney went overdue by a week.  And in my anxiousness, Jon told me that I was going to go.  He was going to handle the kids.  I knew that if I asked, Jon would have taken the kids, but it was really hard for me to put that burden on him, knowing how crazy his schedule was.  But he just made it work.

I left Sunday after church.  I planned rides and friends for my kids on Monday and Tuesday morning so Jon could work until lunch.  Then he could work from home during nap time.  Then after school things were up to him.

I didn't plan on being there for the actual birth but when I got to St. George, Courtney was in happy epidural land and everyone was just sitting around watching TV.  So I joined them.  A few hours later they finally got her set up to deliver.  The doctor asked her to give a light push.  He literally stopped her halfway through the light push because the baby was already out.  It was amazing.

And oh my goodness he is amazing.  He looks so much like Courtney to me.  I got to spend the next two days helping to share as much knowledge about little babies as I could.  He made my little baby at home seem like not so much a little baby anymore.

While I was gone, there was a huge rainstorm that washed out a big section of the freeway between Vegas and me.  I had to take the long way through the Valley of Fire to get home but it wasn't too crazy of a trip.  I am so glad I was there.  I am so glad to be an Aunt again!

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