Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In October

I am so bummed that I did not blog sooner about October.  We had such a good October and I am going to do an extremely poor job of retelling it.  I also do not have nearly enough pictures.  The Nielsen crew is not great at documenting our good moments.  And since I constantly rely on others to capture my memories... I am blaming them.

Instead of doing a summer or holiday get together with the Nielsens, we got together in the middle of October.  It was random and all kinds of fun.  The kids skipped school and we took off for the Marriott in Newport Beach for a week.  The crowd included Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen, the Marshalls, Swen, and my crew.  Missed the Moores and the Drivers.

We were all in one condo so things were very friendly :)  I have nothing to complain about, Jude scored us the big room.  The facility is a lot of fun.  Great playgrounds for kids and great pools.  Our biggest challenge of the trip was keeping track of where kids had taken off to.  Asher has a great little cousin buddy in Barrett.  They are all kinds of adorable trouble.  Barrett got his first training wheel-less bike on the trip and instantly took off cruising.  And every time we turned around, Barrett and Asher were heading out the door on their own adventure.  Luckily they both survived somehow.

We got to see the Campbells while we were down there, which was a lot of fun.  We also ate a lot of good food.  Nielsens always eat well.

And we got to end a great trip with some more great people.  The Stouts joined us at Lego Land for a fun day.


Katie said...

Don't judge me, but I didn't know Lego Land was a thing. How fun! I had similar regrets when I realized I hadn't blogged about the fall. We had a great one as well. I blame having too much fun! Your family is adorable, as always.

Heidi Noel said...

I am glad you blog occasionally. I miss talking with you and your kids. Now just to see how your November and birthday/first part of December have been.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Great updates!! I am finally trying to catch mine up. Everytime I go to upload pictures it takes forever so I get distracted!! That is crazy that you were in St. George when that Highway washed out. I remember watching that on the news!! Your family is getting so big!! How fun!!