Friday, October 31, 2014


It was going to be the year of no theme.  It has to end eventually right?  At some point they will be big enough that I can't physically shove them into my costume of choice.  Just kidding, I haven't done that.  Yet.

The funny thing is the one that really was knocking the theme for us was Asher.  I couldn't get the kid to agree on anything.  So I scrapped it.  Pick whatever you want from the costume bin.  Who needs an adorable, family filled theme?  Not us!

And then the idea started percolating.  And then I talked Asher into wearing his potential costume.  And before I knew it, I was spending the day of the school trunk or treat furiously sewing and throwing our theme together.

But the true Halloween miracle came with our trunk decorations.  If we were going to have  family theme, we needed a trunk to match.  But there just wasn't enough time.  Duh duh duh DAH!  Scarlet the creative to the rescue!  Give that girl a pile of construction paper and a roll of tape and there is nothing she can't create.   I would send her off to do a project and it would come back looking better than my highest expectations.

And here we are.   

This is where this post ended when I started it four months ago.  The plan was to hop onto Jon's work computer and get the pictures we had taken with our nice camera.  But, they just weren't there.  I kept hoping that in the back of my mind they would just be found someday and magically I would start blogging again and get all caught up and life would be daffodils and roses.

It's now March.  No Halloween pictures.  So I am going to call it.  The cell phone pics are all I have to offer.  But now I will move on and all will be well.

And here we are.

We have Dorothy

The Scarecrow

The reluctant Tin Man

The Cowardly candy fiend Lion

The Wicked Witch of the West

And the Wizard of Oz

And our land of Oz

I ended up having to go to Costco post getting all Halloween ready.  I got a lot of stares.

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Julianna Earl said...

You continue to amaze me. Maybe one day Brad and I will hop on the bandwagon and start doing family themed Halloween costumes. I can only hope...