Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rhode turns Six!

We had a lot of fun with Rhode's sixth birthday this year.  This was his first big birthday party with friends and I think he had a lot of fun.  

In the past, I have had plans to throw him birthday parties with friends, but there was a good while there that he didn't really have any little boy friends his age.  Scarlet had made a lot of friends through preschool and dance that we had started spending time with. But none of them had boys Rhode's age.  It wasn't really until this last year in preschool and now in kindergarten that he suddenly has this great group of friends.

I grouponed a birthday party package at Bounce U.  It was an okay deal.  The kids got to bounce for an hour with their special cosmo lighting.  My kids called it disco party lights.  All the guests got glow sticks and Rhode got a glowing sticker that said "I'm the Birthday Boy".  They jumped very happily the whole time.

Then we headed for the party room.  Rhode requested a color cake so I made his name out of fondant and he designed the rest.  

 Look at his tongue in this picture... that is from Jon for sure.  Mine is short and fat.  Sorry, weird side tangent.
 He also requested a tye dye cake.  Now this is easy enough to make on your own but he requested it from the Cake Boss store bought box.  It saved me a few steps so I went for it.  It was surprisingly tasty.  (I bought the frosting too.. don't tell anyone)
Rhode got some fun lego sets from his friends and from his Grammy.  He also got some money that he is putting towards a ticket to Legoland.  

 And the party guests, Brandon & Deonna Egbert, Harry Ongbongan, Ian, Calvin and Frankie Shrout, Blake Taylor.
Rhode said it was the best day ever.  But then the next day at school when his teacher asked him about his birthday, he said we did nothing.  When I asked him later about it, he said he just forgot.  Well buddy, it is now blogged.  Which means you will remember it forever.  Ha!

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Alyssa said...

That sounds like something one of my boys would do. Speaking of which, they LOVED this party. Thanks for the invite!