Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of School

And then it was the first day of school.  Both of my kids are attending Discovery Charter School.  It is located less than ten minutes from my house.  I have made it from my front door to the front of the school in four minutes before.  The location is great for us.  They also run on a four day week so we have every Friday off.  I love this.  They are project based and do a lot of interactive stuff.  Sometimes I jokingly refer to it as our "hippie commune school" because they are pretty lax about everything, but it was a great fit for us this year.

Scarlet is in 2nd grade.  Her main teacher is Ms. Rivera but she spends a lot of her day with Ms. Madsen in the higher reading and math class.  

Scarlet loves school.  She comes home and talks my ear off telling me everything that happened that day.  She says almost every day, "Mom, this was the best day ever!"  She has a great computer teacher who has taught the kids how to make and edit movies.  Scarlet loves coming up with scripts and making the costumes.  She has raided the fabric closet multiple times.  

She is insisting on keeping her hair long this year, which I'm not against as long as she is willing to brush it frequently and doesn't scream at me every time I do her hair.  So far, it is going pretty well.  She is a big fan of the swept back bun.

And my little man is off to kindergarten this year.  It seems like a long time coming and way too soon all at the same time.  He is in afternoon kindergarten with Ms. Ayala.

Rhode also loves school, but he gets really miffed with his classmates and their bad behavior.  I get the full report of who got in trouble everyday.  Whenever I stop by to ask his teacher how he is doing, she says, "He is perfect.  No, seriously, perfect.  He just needs to keep being his perfect self."  I'll take it.

Rhode also gives me long afterschool reports on the day.  Last week, after the long report, he stopped talking suddenly and his face got sad.  He said, "But mom, there is something I need to tell you that is going to make you mad.."  I got pretty nervous wondering what he was going to confess.  He said, "Mom, my teacher, Ms. Ayala.... drinks tea."

I tried really hard not to laugh.  His face was so full of concern that I was going to be mad at his beloved teacher.  We had a good talk about how tea was not bad, we just don't drink it.  We don't do some things, but just because others do them, it doesn't make them bad people.  He seemed so relieved!  I love this guy and his sweet heart.


Katie said...

Love the teacher drinking tea moment. :) You waited an extra year to put Rhode in kindergarten, true? Are you glad? Would love feedback, as we are still trying to make this impossible decision about Kaden for next year.

Kristy said...

They're so grown up. I love them.

Campbell Family said...

Awe, he is the cutest. I'm going to copy your phrase "came up quick but also a long time coming" or something like that, because that's the same way I felt about Emerson starting kinder (still haven't blogged about that! 😱)