Sunday, September 14, 2014

Earl Reunion 2014

Leave it to the Tom Earl family to make us get out of our Reunion routine.

Does this look like the kind of people that should be spending the majority of their time outdoors?  Look at those pale faces!

And if we weren't feeling self conscious enough about our pasty complexions, let's then make them all wear beige t shirts...

Okay but seriously, it was an insanely fun weekend.  I just could not get over how much fun it was to see the next generation of cousins finding their similarly aged relatives and making insta-friends.  Cousins are the best insta-friends.

Someone may have forgotten to pack Scarlet a swimsuit for the trip.  That person would be... Scarlet and a little bit of me.  But when you have cousin friends who pack with room to spare, what more could you need?  The best is when Sibel told Scarlet, 'Hey, I have a swimsuit just like that!"  Well, technically currently you don't.

I think Rhode found a new cousin friend every day.  This boy loves a good playmate and he had a ton to choose from.  I would ask him about his new friends every day and he would list off two or three new people every time.

We did most of our bonding on Bear Lake.  It has a great long shallow section.  So fun for little kids... a little awkward when trying to head out for a quick pee break.  Do I squat right here in the shallow end or pretend I just really want to swim and endure the mile it will take me to get to waist deep water?

And to not be the sister with the widest waistline?  Well I could be cool with that for every vacation.

I saw so little of Scarlet and Rhode on this vacation.  The ran around like savages.   
  I'm sure someone fed them every now and then...

My cousin Jason built a boat.  Like built it, the whole thing.  AND he took all of my kids on it.  That is one amazing guy.

Asher turned three on our trip.  His family gave him an assortment of birthday cards and he even scored a little cash.  

 Asher's favorite buddy of the trip was Kai.  They are a great combination of crazy, hyper, ninja punching boy.  The got a hold of two balloons each and just whacked each other in a balloon fury for probably 20 minutes straight.  I am not sure Asher has ever been happier.

The hardest part of sleeping outdoors is the babies.  Jude wasn't too crazy... but I won't pretend he was totally awesome either.  The kids slept in the back of the suburban but Jude slept in his pack n play outside with us.  He seemed to stay warm enough and we did get some sleep but naps were hard to come by.

You know you're tired when Aunt Kristy's bony chest makes a good pillow :)

Volleyball was one of the highlights of the trip.  It always feels good to have a few moments of athleticism... even if they are not as frequent as you would hope.

But oh my goodness how cute are all of these kids?  We must have all married well because they are way cuter than we all were as kids.  I know.  I've seen the pictures.

 We talked, we played volleyball, we laughed, we cried (only a little), we rebonded, we almost remembered everyone's kid's names, we ate enormous and delicious meals, we snuck away for amazing raspberry milkshakes, we all got a little (or a lot) bit of sun burn, and these poor girls gave away almost an entire evening to face painting every face in the group.

That is my Grandpa Ken Earl on those shirts.  What a stud.  I love my family.


Mindy said...

That looks like tons of fun. Happy Belated Birthday Asher!

Alyssa said...

Love the Asher balloon fight. I was wondering who was on the shirts! It looked like "Big Brother" poster from 1984, but I'm glad it was your Grandpa. That makes MUCH more sense. :)

stout family said...

Cousin friends...the best kind!!!