Sunday, April 13, 2014

All About Scarlet

Scarlet the Amazing 6 year old is now Scarlet the Awesome 7 year old!  She celebrated her day by sewing her own build a bear kit rabbit cheerleader.

Crafting is one of her biggest loves in life.  Sewing, coloring, creating, etc. fills all of her spare time.

 For the "experience" portion, Scarlet and I got to go to the BYU Ballet princess party.  Scarlet got a beautiful princess dress from Grammy.

We went all out with her fancy princess hair and makeup...

And joined a theater full of mini princesses for a beautiful ballet performance.  During intermission, Scarlet got to join the other princesses on stage for a dance.  It was a fantastic evening.

They had a coloring table, which was hard to leave to go see the performance.

 They even got to take pictures with the ballerinas.  She doesn't look it in the picture but her friend, Deonna had a good time too.  Scarlet also got $25 from her Grandma Charla that she has been saving for the perfect... something.  She'll know it when she sees it.

Scarlet loves to play boggle and is getting pretty good.  We have a rule that she can write down words that are connected or disconnected, as long as all of the letters are there.  She gets more points for connected words.  Well I was beyond shocked when she found the 7 letter word pirates in this board and it was all connected.

Scarlet loves school and anxiously counted down the days until the school dress up days.  This was dress as your favorite book character day.

  Nancy Drew from Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew.
 And this was her getup for crazy day.  Pirate hat, loud leggings, backwards shirt, two different shoes and a rabbit tied around her wrist.  Definitely weird.
 Dance has been a big part of her year and she had two big performances this past month.  Her tap dance is called Pirate Party.
 And her jazz dance is to Over the Rainbow.  I posted the videos to her competition below.  She did a really good job.  She practiced really hard at watching the audience instead of watching how the girls around her were dancing.  She did a fantastic job looking at the audience and, in her words, "Now I just gotta remember to smile!"
 She is really into accessories and dressing herself lately.  I picked out the t shirt and shorts for her and she accessorized with the rest.  Girls are fun.

 Her first $7 of birthday money was spent on some fabulous velvet art.  They painstakingly colored every inch of their pictures.  And when Asher woke up from his nap and wanted to join in, Scarlet raced upstairs, threw one of her pictures on the copier, printed a copy and raced downstairs so that Asher could have a special picture as well without losing one of her special pictures.  She can be the best sister, when in the right mood!
 Scarlet makes my life easier.  I love having her in my life.


David Earl said...

I'm so glad I got to be there! Scarlet is so much fun. I love spending time with her!

David Earl said...

Loved that! Scarlet is a great way to start out grandchildren

Mindy said...

Scarlet is awesome. She did a great job on her dances. I'll be sure to show Jane after school today. She asked when we are going to go visit all the time. :)

Sam and Rachel said...

What a sweetie. She is absolutely beautiful and such a smart gal.

Kristy said...

She's so grown up!