Sunday, February 16, 2014

Will You Be My Valentine?

We have updated our FHE format a little bit recently.  We updated our spinning wheel to include all of the members of our family on the inside wheel and all of the FHE responsibilities on the outside (lesson, activity, treat, spotlight, song, prayer).  We make sure to turn the wheel immediately after FHE is over so we can spend the week working on our assignments.  The person in charge of song has to play their song or request mom play their song.  The prayer person has to ask the people to pray before FHE starts.  The person in charge of treat chooses what they want to make beforehand to make sure we get the ingredients and then make it themselves or with mom.  And, Scarlet and Rhode are required to plan the lessons and give them when they are in charge.

It has been so much fun and it takes away the pressure of me remembering an hour before that it is Monday and that something needs to get planned ASAP.  

Scarlet was in charge of the lesson on the Monday before Valentine's Day and Rhode was in charge of the activity.  So they teamed up to work on their assignments and spent several hours planning, writing, coloring and practicing their lesson.  Here's how the lesson began:

And then Scarlet read the following story she had written on the back of a piece of cardboard:
Valintimes Day is a day to show love to other pepeol and faimley.  It is also a day to forgive pepol and to love pepol.  I'm also going to talk about frienship. here is a story about frendship ones upon a time there was to littel girls in a town named sillinbonvill.  And ellie the first girl saw a butiful girl from Japan walking down the street with two chains that said the word frendship on them and Elie thotgh about her frend named Shelly her they were friends when they were both five.  So she asked her mom if she could go to Shellys hose, and her mom said yes you can go to Shellys.  When Elie got to Shelly's hose Shelly opened the door and asked Elie are we still frends and Elie said yes. This is how friendship works you have to find a friend and be friends forever.

Rhode and Scarlet then passed out paper and crayons and our tradition Valentine Day card making activity commenced.  We were assigned Valentines this year.  Rhode and I had each other.

Here is the card I made for Rhode:

Here is the card he made for me:

Scarlet made this one for Jon:

And Jon made this for Scarlet:

Asher... colored a picture for himself.  "He is a terrible colorer so he is partners with Jude," Scarlet informed us.  Asher didn't seem to mind.  We finished our Valentines evening with strawberry ice cream with homemade chocolate magic shell topping.  


Mindy said...

That is fantastic and such a great idea. I'm also a little tired of planning FHE. Maybe we'll start a wheel of our own.

Katie said...

I LOVE your tradition. Well done.

Kristy said...

I love the annual Valentines Day card unveiling. My favorite was Scarlet's with the picture that said "she's a lady."

Heidi Noel said...

Who knew Jon was so talented? What a fantastic lesson! I am always impressed with you as a mother. I want to be like you.

In our house Anneke spends a long time planning and executing her lessons. They are elaborate. I should probably blog about them sometime.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

How fun! I always wish we lived in the same place. Em always whispers to me after Jesse colors a picture "He is just scribbling mom, but it is ok because is just three." Gotta love kids :)