Sunday, April 13, 2014

All About Rhode

Rhode is my good buddy these days.  He has preschool three times a week in the mornings and the rest of the time its just mom and Rhode time.  Rhode really had a great preschool this year.  His teacher, Miss Erika, ran preschool out of her home, but she was the queen of organization and fun.  They had such a great time and she was so good at challenging Rhode.  One of the days, they were asked to dress up as community helpers.

What other teacher would let him take full sized tools to school?  :)  Rhode has been so understanding and helpful since my work schedule has gotten busier.  Our normal after lunch/during nap time schedule was read together, play the piano usually together, do his homework, and then get one or two chores done before he got some play time, usually on his computer math games.  But I have had to turn afternoons into work time.  So now, without being asked, he waters the garden, does his piano lesson, reads a few chapters by himself, and then does his homework, which has been free writing for the last few weeks.  After I give him a job, he comes right back when he's done to ask, "Mom, what can I do next?"  He is the best.  He just had his last week of preschool (teacher is having a baby next month) so we get even more time together and I am not dreading it at all, which really is saying something!

Jon challenged Rhode to read ten books by himself to earn a dudes night and Rhode jumped on the challenge, finishing in about a week.  They did not see Captain America...

 They saw the Lego Movie and had Yogurtland afterward.

Look how tall he is!
Rhode and Jude are room buddies right now and it is going surprisingly well.  Rhode doesn't seem even slightly aware when Jude cries at night.  And in the morning, Jude usually wakes him up and Rhode scoops him up and carries him out with a big grin on his face.

Sorry ladies, he's mine.


David Earl said...

Rhode is thoroughly entertaining. If you could bottle up his adorableness, you'd be rich!!

Mindy said...

He looks so much like jon. I'm glad he is helpful for you. Great kid!

Sam and Rachel said...

He's getting all grown up!

Kristy said...

That picture of Rhode dressed up construction worker style looks like a mini Jon.