Sunday, April 13, 2014

All About Asher

I have thought this from the beginning and I believe it whole heartedly, two year old are cute for a very specific reason.  So you don't kick them out when they make you want to pull your hair out.

Speaking of hair, Asher's finally got a trim

 Long hair on boys is just not really my thing and my boys just don't really have the hair for it anyway, too thick.  But cutting Asher's hair is always a traumatizing experience for all involved so we avoid it at all costs.
 It involves a lot of kicking and screaming and hair in the mouth, always hair in the mouth, its just bad.  Does he look permanently traumatized to you?

Asher and Rhode are really good buddies right now.  I have a new strategy where I make them do chores first thing in the morning.  I stick on the at the beginning to make sure a few things get done and then, when they start to get antsy, I offer to let them have a little outside time.  But when they come back in, it means they are ready to get back to jobs.  This has led to hours of happy play time in the backyard instead of the begging for shows that Asher usually attempts.  I know, I'm a genius.

After their morning bath one day, they weren't able to get dressed immediately because Jude was asleep in their room.  So they had some "nakee lego time"  Boys are awesome.

Asher can always be found with a sword in his hand.  There are bad guys needing to be taken down at a moment's notice and he is rarely found unprepared.  When Scarlet was about 3, I bought a collection of elastic headbands on clearance, assuming I would get future use out of them.  After sitting in the closet for years, Asher recently uncovered them, dubbed them bow and arrows and has mastered sling shotting them around the house.

"Mom, Asher's face got too close to my painting!"  He is messy a lot of the time, but he has almost completely stopped coloring on my house, which is a major, major win.

He loves to sing, his favorites being Let it Go and Everything is Awesome.  He loves shows and is absolutely silent on all car rides that involve a little tv watching.  He is a lover of fruit and can clean an apple down to the core every time.

He has two best buddies right now, Ivan and Frankie.  They always greet each other with a hug and play so happily together.
 He loves to dress himself right now, which means his pants are backwards every day.  Not 50% of the time, as would make sense.  Every. Single. Day.  Getting him to wear church clothes this morning involved tears, but seriously folks, look at those handsome dudes.  Worth it.


David Earl said...

Asher keeps everything interesting! Love him!!

Mindy said...


Sam and Rachel said...

Two is so fun! I agree, the Lord makes them so dang cute so that we don't abandon them when they act so naughty. Asher is adorable. He seems like a mini Jon.

Kristy said...

I need some Asher time.

Katie said...

Ha! I love that he prefers his pants on backwards. What a cutie.