Friday, November 2, 2012

Skipping to Halloween

I don't like blogging out of order.  But I do love my brother.  And I am pretty far behind.

So here we go.

I really should have stopped while I was ahead with the complex family themes and let my kids have normal Halloween costumes.  Sigh...

  But another year was suddenly here and I found myself working with two very adorable dragon costumes for my two boys.  

And they were quite adorable.

The Rhode Dragon

And the Asher Baby Beast
Along with his adorably puffy middle and dragon beanie & booties, he was also sporting the only black onesie I have ever found in the history of my parenthood.  It has ruffles around the sleeves and neck, which looked fantastic with his bootcut black leggings.  And his sister wore the same onesie and legging combo for her first Halloween as a seven month old.  It fit them about the same.

But now the conundrum, what do you do with two dragon costumes and three leftover family members?

How to Train Your Dragon

Our choice was a little vague and definitely not timely, plus we kinda had to stretch the validity, but it was shocking to me how many people guessed our theme correctly.  

We will start with Astrid, our Dragon Warrior.    

She looked awesome.

She borrowed her green top from her brother... Asher.  The boots were already in her wardrobe, we just added a little fur.  I made the head strap and body straps with some pyramid studs I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  The shoulder plates come courtesy of one of our formerly green plastic Walmart bowls.  

The skirt is my favorite story of Halloween.  Several months ago I went to a garage sale and found a couple carry on suitcases for a great price.  I took them home and a couple days later discovered a leather skirt and vest inside one of the pockets.  Gotta love garage sales.

I threw them in the sewing closet, just knowing they would come in handy one day.  Well slice it up a little bit and add some studs, warrior skirt here we go!

 Jon's character was the easiest choice.  And funnily enough the most recognizable of the night.

Meet our Stoick the Vast

Stoick is sporting the latest in fashion crochet headgear along with a duct tape breast plate and a man dress that was basically constructed on him.  Add some fur lined construction boots and a threatening looking hammer thingy and a viking is born.

In the above picture you can kinda see his fur cape and gold shoulder plates constructed from cardboard, hot glue and spray paint.

How can you resist a man willing to sport this get up?

The true problem with our theme was the lack of characters for me to be.  The mother of the story has the occasional reference but no real visual representation to go off of.  And when I picture a viking woman... well this is what I picture

It is not too easy to see in the dark but I was sporting quote the round behind that evening.  I ran into several things and people.  The #1 quote of the evening regarding me was, "Well it isn't over until Kacey sings!"

Is there any lengths we won't go to for an entertaining Halloween night?  I think this year we have proven the answer is clearly no.  

Happy birthday Brad and Happy Halloween!


Brad said...

That is so awesome! I hope Rhode wears his dragon costume everyday until he turns 12. That totally made my birthday Kacey thanks.

Peggy Dee said...

You never cease to amaze me! How fun!! Love, love, love.

Kendall said...

You guys nailed it!! I absolutely love them! And man those dragon costumes are so adorable...

Kristy said...

It feels good to finally win the coveted ken trophy that might or might not actually exist. I never thought I could best you, luckily I have a secret weapon known as Aunt Juile. I do have to say that I loved the costumes. The boys were adorable, Scarlet looked amazing and yours and Jons were hilarious. Well done.

Kim said...

Nice job, Kacey! They really are impressive. I love a theme costume for the family.

Kylie said...

Next Halloween I'm coming down to Vegas so you have to incorporate me into the family theme. You can start thinking of ideas now. Also I need an excuse to be able to go trick or treating without it being sad or creepy.

Angie said...

very impressive! That's it, next year I'm doing a costume with Qiana.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

So fun!!! I love creative Halloween costumes!!

Adrianne said...

Fabulous! Best looking Viking/dragon group ever and amazingly awesome costumes!

Campbell Family said...

I'm stuck in the family theme for Halloween conundrum too... except I eliminate Chase and I (maybe next year? You are an inspiration for this!) Yours look awesome!!

narrators: c and p said...

Your little dragons and dragon keepers were completely adorable -LOVE it! Yeah, who has ever heard of a black onesie! Very creative. And seriously love yours and jon's costumes, too. Very bootyful viking woman :)

stout family said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but FUNNY! The costumes turned out great!!!