Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Four-Eyed Smarty Pants

Scarlet finished her first quarter at Discover Charter School!  She ended the quarter with school pictures, her project presentation, and her progress report and teacher conference.

Taking school pictures... one of those moments that just takes you back.  Isn't it crazy that schools are still using Lifetouch photography?  Seriously, what mobster owns that business and what do they have over the Superintendents Union?  They have upgraded a bit over the years.  I am pretty sure Scarlet's background and pose are identical to a picture from my childhood, but I did get to order my pictures online.
Scarlet's first project for school was called All About Me.  This first project had very specific requirements.  They were supposed to create a posterboard full of information about themselves, their likes/dislikes, schedule, family, home and traditions.  Scarlet loved working on her project and, in the end, it really reflected her perfectly.

I love that she calls her hair color brown & blonde.  Her likes included Thai Food, Madagascar, Madeline, Fancy Nancy, Dance, Baby Dolls and Barbie Movies.  Her dislikes were Peppers, Thomas the Tank Engine (because the shows are boring), toy cars and fighting.

This is her pictures of the outside of our house and then the individual rooms inside.

Her daily schedule.

For her family tree, she had to show how everyone was related and where they lived.  It was not very easy but she did a great job.

She finished the project two weeks before it was due and we were so excited to be done.  But, even though it was stored high out of his reach, Asher still somehow managed to get it to his level and do some serious damage.  Oddly enough, the most damage was done by his drool smearing the marker.  So she didn't have as much extra time as she thought but it was finished on time.

She did a great job on her presentation.  But, it turns out Scarlet has a nervous habit of pulling on/up her skirt when she is speaking in public.  I was so excited to be there to watch as I got to be 1) committed to dressing her in pants for future presentations and 2) grateful she was wearing shorts underneath.

Jon and I got to go to her parent/teacher conference last Friday.  Her teacher only had great things to say about Scarlet.  She is one of the top of the class, doing really well with reading and is very helpful.  She got a perfect report card and a perfect score on her project.

Her latest love is writing her own sentences.  Her teacher says I am not allowed to correct her spelling, which kills me just a little bit but it is so fun to watch her create.

I could credit this good news to great parenting, awesome DNA or many other things that point back to me, but if I take credit for the smarts, then I have to take credit for her newest accessory.  And I'm just not ready to do that yet.

Yup, she is now a glasses wearer.  The pediatrician referred us to an optometrist at her last appointment.  She has an astigmatism so she gets to wear these babies when reading, working on the computer, or doing homework.

She loves them most of the time.  Remember that point in your childhood when you thought having glasses just might be fun?  Thankfully she is still there.

They make her brown eyes look even bigger than they already are but in a good way... I hope.

Next quarter here we come!


Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

She looks so cute in those glasses!! They even make her look a little older!!

Katie said...

Her glasses are darling!!! Awesome project, too. In a few years, I will have to call you to chat about your charter school experience. Pretty sure that is the route we'll end up taking, but there are so many choices it seems overwhelming!

Kendall said...

I love her glasses! Totally looks like a little adorable librarian. And her project looks so cute!

Kristy said...

Fantastic job, Kacey...I mean Scarlet.

Kylie said...

Did she write those sentences herself, or was that something she was copying off of the board? Because if that's all her then that is insanity. She would be at the top of my first grade class with those! Also, when it comes to spelling, just have her spell it out phonemically like exactly the sounds she hears for most words, but feel free to correct her on frequently used words that break the phonics rules. Like have, would, could, does, etc. words like that. She looks so dang cute in those glasses!

Peggy Dee said...

Oh Kylie just sounds like a teacher already doesn't she? All I can say about Scarlet is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I remember those awesome parent/teacher conferences where teachers just praised Kacey up and down. Good times!