Sunday, November 18, 2012

Primary At Home

We had a sick day this week from church, not so much because my kids were stuck in bed with illness, but because we were just a little to germy from coughs and sore throats and didn't want to share.

Scarlet and Rhode were disappointed, until they remembered a story we recently read in the Friend.  In the story, a little girl was sad she was too sick to go to Primary, so her family hosted a little Primary at home.

They immediately got to work.  When I was allowed to come downstairs, this was the crowd that greeted me.

We sang the welcome song to our visitors and even celebrated a few animal birthdays.

Scarlet and Rhode were in charge of the lesson.  Scarlet chose to talk about Sharing and Rhode talked about Being Nice.

We may be sick, we may be a bit germy, but we have been taught.

Thanks guys.


Katie said...

How cute is that?! Also, props to you for being wise and not sharing your germs. Too many people miss that memo.

Peggy Dee said...

Too cute!