Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Extracurriculars

There are only a few things you can sign your kids up for in their first four years of life.  Then suddenly they turn five and the doors of extracurriculars are open to them.

And we have jumped right through.

Scarlet's favorite activity is dance.  We are doing what I term "real dance" this year.  She is taking a tap and jazz combo class at The Dance Zone.  It is the best hour of the week. 

I drop Scarlet off, take the boys to a nearby park (the studio is too far away to go home) and then come back an hour later and she tells me all about her day of dance.  She loves her teacher and all the girls in her class.  She noticed recently that none of the girls in her class wear cute little girl ballerina style dance outfits anymore.  In fact, the majority of her class wear little girl sports bra-style tops and spankies.  So, of all of her adorable dance wear items, this is the only one she will wear to class.

Her second activity is piano lessons once a week with Miss Michelle.  Great teacher and an occasionally willing student.  She loves it and getting her to practice is getting a little easier...

And her third was dad's choice, soccer.

Soccer is not her favorite but she has a pretty good time.  Her team, the Pirates, is a fun group of kids and their coach does  a great job.  Scarlet has had two games so far and it is a pretty typical 5 year old soccer game.  Big running/kicking clumps, lots of kids kicking goals into the other team's net, out of bounds every five or so steps... but it is still a ton of fun to watch.

Keep 'em busy and they don't have time to get bored or get into trouble.  That's my theory anyway :)


Kendall said...

I really love that last picture of her! She is so cute!! I can't wait for another dance recital to watch.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

How fun! I am bummed soccer isn't her favorite. I thought we cursed each other that you would get boys or tomboys all into sports and I would get girls that were all into dance!!Oh well at least so far we get what we can handle and relate to!!

Peggy Dee said...

Wish I was there to watch it all. I would love to see her in dance class. So fun!