Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Third Child...

Asher doesn't seem like my baby anymore, but it sure is hard to let go.  It is funny when you think about what kind of a mom you were like with your first baby when it was just you and them.  And then number three comes along and I feel like I am a whole different person.  Some would say you worry less but I think instead, I worry about completely different things.

For example, I worry much less about what he is putting in his mouth and much more about whether or not I have remembered to feed him today.

We get to spend a little extra alone time together lately.  If we get off on our nap schedule, Asher and I get to hang out while the other two are at school.  We go shopping together and even fit in a little park time.

Asher is so good at playing at the park.  Scarlet was two before she could just climb around and enjoy herself but Asher just goes.  He prefers taking slides feet first and on his belly but will tackle the biggest slide on the playground.  He also likes to go to the many high ledges and tease me by pretend he is going to jump off.  It's tons of fun.

He spends A LOT of time in the car carting siblings different places.  He is so good about just going with the flow.  I have dragged him out of a dead sleep and thrown him in the car so many times and he just goes with it.

Asher has learned a few signs and is now anxious to tell us when he wants more or is all done.  He will say please, but only when forced.  My favorite is when he is really excited about whatever I am about to give him (i.e. lollipops or fruit snacks) and he will just sign all three as fast as he can hoping one of them will earn him the treat.

He jabbers at me all day long though.  I am so curious to know if his conversations are thoughts he is just desperately trying to express but doesn't have the words for yet or if he is just making noise like he assumes we are doing all day long.  Either way, we have had some great conversations during our alone time.

Asher has three loves right now.  He will take me from any part of the house by the finger and pull me to one of three destinations.  The first, to his rocking chair to read a story or two.  The second, out the front yard so he can throw some gravel around and dig in the garden.  And the third, his most frequent request is out the back door and straight for the swing.

And no, if you were wondering, his face is never clean.

His main goal in life is to explore every inch of my house and empty it of its contents.  I clean all morning long and am followed by a trail of disaster in every room.  Cleaning supplies, toilet brushes, flour, and corn meal are some of his more recent disaster makers.

He is so good at drinking out of cups... until he decides he is done.  Then, without fail, he intentionally tips the cup over and dumps it out, watching with glee as it splashes over whatever surface he happens to be standing over.  If it is the kitchen floor, he then promptly steps in the water and slips and falls onto the sealed concrete.

And... a molar just popped through with a few more on the way.  Asher, your baby years may be a little different than Scarlet's were but you are seriously cute and seriously loved.


Kristy said...

I need some Asher time! Just send him to me for a week or two.

Campbell Family said...

Oh, the poor third child! I ditto everything you said towards Dylan. Good thing they are so mellow :) Dylan does the same thing with his cup when he's done drinking - slowly and deliberately dumps it out all over the floor or table. Especially loves to do it with milk, uggggg.