Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Sitting here in my computer chair stealing a moment of quiet to write this blog entry, I just feel the need to give a big sigh of relief.

Halloween is over.


I really didn't mean to put that much effort in this year. My ideas were all very simple. Jon, on the other hand, just kept making things difficult. I think next year I will inform him of my Halloween plans right as we are headed out the door to trunk or treat. Yeah, I think that
might work.

Before our true Halloween fun started, we fit in a quick trip to the pumpkin patch.

We have visited this same pumpkin patch every year for the three years we have lived in this neighborhood. They have rides, a petting zoo, and, obviously, pumpkins for sale. I have never spent a cent there. We show up, take pictures, and leave. They must totally hate us.

On those same lines, you know who else probably hates it when they see my family coming, Pet Smart. Similar situation only way more visits. Maybe someday we'll buy a fish.

We also held our annual Halloween Sewing Club Party. It was another great success with delicious goodies, adorable costumes and rockin' games I didn't have to plan! Those are the best kind of games. And I only took one picture all day long, and it's of the only child there not in a costume.

And then it was Halloween. Our trunk or treat was on Saturday evening. I spent the entire day finishing costumes. The Entire Day. I wrapped up just in time to take pictures and head us off to dinner at the trunk or treat. Even though I was impressed with my timing, there was a part of me that realized much more important things that were completely ignored.

And now, the costumes.

Scarlet's costume was the basis for our theme this year.

I talked my mom into sending me the old Halloween costumes she has been storing. I have very fond memories of this costume.

I even placed in a Snow White look alike contest that year.

And what more does any princess need than a handsome prince at her side?

I put this one together mostly from fabric I had in the sewing closet already. My biggest purchase of the outfit was the feather. $1.70 for one feather seemed a little ridiculous, especially when the rest of the outfit had only cost me $1 total. But the feather totally makes the costume. Two bucks very well spent in my book.

All evening, Scarlet would say, "Rhode you are my prince, we should be holding hands!"

"Okay!" he would respond and skip happily by her side. Can they just not ever grow up?

And then there was my costume, the Evil Queen.

My original idea was to go as the queen post-transformation. I had the old lady look down and the costume was much less demanding. Jon called the old lady look "so last year" and insisted I step it up. My costume took way more work than the kids but it was pretty fun to play the villain.

And now... drum roll please... the real proof I spent way too much time on Halloween costumes...

I would like to introduce to you to...

The Seven Dwarfs







and Grumpy
And there you have it. The Seven Dwarfs

Who knew I had such a knack for nylon doll art? I have already started my etsy site for selling these babies. Its called crazy_weirdo_ugly_dollmakers_club.com. Who wouldn't want the chance to turn their old pantyhose into a freaky doll head that strongly resembles a potato? I think its really gonna catch on.

The Grumpy costume is another Earl classic though the hat was my own personal addition. I spent the evening looking at him and saying, "Oh Asher, why are you so cranky tonight?" Then I would realize he was just fine. It was those darn cranky eyebrows.

Here's the real kicker. The parking lot lights at our trunk or treat never actually turned on and nobody could see a thing. What are ya gonna do? So here's hoping at least my small blog world can enjoy my efforts, even if it just for a moment.

Happy Halloween!


Kylie said...

I have been waiting for this post for FOREVER! I have to say you made me proud, which means all that time was totally worth it. Way to go Kace. Also, i've decided you can make my costume next year.

Adrianne said...

You are so creative and an amazing woman! LOVE the costumes! Your kids are too cute. Glad it turned out well and hope the lights at church come on next year so you can showcase your fabulous costume talent! :)

Heidi Noel said...

Already said it was awesome! But, again, you make a great evil queen. Your family was adorable.

Angie said...

super impressive!! this makes my homemade crown look downright pathetic!

now I must do a family themed costumed next year.

Kristy said...

I look forward to your halloween post every year. I feel so proud to be related to you. Amazing jobs on the costumes, though I think Asher and I need a "who wore it best" contest on the Grumpy costume.

Brad said...

Kacey your costumes blow me away every year. Awesome. Just awesome.

Campbell Family said...

WOW, you really put me to shame!!! I have yet to post my Halloween but now feel like my HOURS and hours of work don't even compare to yours! Next year I want to dress up with the kids too. You are awesome!!

hsw said...

Amazing!!!!! Love the picture of you as a little girl, too.

Mindy said...

:D Awesome!! I think you should wear your costume for a day, just for me, when I get back. :D Again, great job. I was a unkempt homemaker for Halloween. No one noticed. :D We'll see you Sunday.

::lindsay said...

The costumes are amazing! I'm super impressed! You are making me want to take the extra time to do a family themed costume as well. You are awesome!

Kimmy said...

This just made my day! Awesome!

Katie said...

Oh my word! Amazing. Seriously. You are amazing. Love the costumes!

Katie said...

P.S. Scarlet looks so much like you when you compare the photos of each of you in the Snow White outfit. Darling.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I enjoyed every effort! lol I will buy them on your etsy site :) Seriously you win hands down for best costumes in my book :)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh gee. I'm speechless. Those are incredible costumes. I thought yours took the cake, but that grumpy is pretty darn cute, and to have a prince skipping at your side and a good head shorter than you? Pretty hard to beat that. The plan for Jon to be the dwarfs was brilliant. How did you think of that?

Oh gee. You really need another chance to wear this somewhere. Maybe you'll move this year and have a new place next year. But who will be grumpy? The feather should still fit the prince, but will the tights? Hmmmm. I'll keep thinking, but somehow you should get to wear that family costume again.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hey! I've got it! Go to Disneyland. They would completely appreciate it. That's where you could wear it.

Angie Larkin said...

I am screaming. I am screaming. I cannot believe you sewed costumes for the entire family and extra fake people as well! I can't handle it. You are cracking me up. You are amazing! L-O-freakin'L!!!

I was so sad to miss the sewing club party. We were preparing to get on a plane. Dang.

Peggy Dee said...

I thought you were going to have an easy year with Scarlet wearing the original Snow White costume but whoa was I wrong! Love it!!! You make one awesome evil queen and your husband is just a natural at his character too! Ha ha. I am so impressed - as usual. You amaze me!

Brenda Goodrich said...

I think you may have married the perfect man. I'm still guffawing!

Earl Family said...

Wow. Um...Wow. That is absolutely amazing. How do you do it?????

So great.