Tuesday, November 15, 2011


7:00 a.m Jon: "Ugh, I am so sick today"

9:00 a.m. Jon: "Supposed to meet with this guy today, but I am just too sick."

11:30 a.m. Jon "ZZZZZZ sooo sick ZZZZZZZ"

3:30 p.m. Jon "Do we have any soup or anything? I am so sick today"

5:30 p.m. Kacey "So I know you aren't feeling well today but we were just offered tickets to PBR (Professional Bull Riding) tonight. Are you interested?"

Jon: moaning immediately stops "Um, yes. We will most definitely be going to that."

We had awesome seats

Some awesome rodeo boots

and some awesome friends with us (too awesome to capture on film unfortunately) and had a truly awesome evening.

Asher even seemed to enjoy himself.

I am not sure I would categorize myself as a big bull riding fan but there is just something about it that was really entertaining! I couldn't help but think I could never be those guy's mother or wife... especially after a guy got totally trampled. I am glad the poor guy was unconscious when the bull stomped on his knee cap. I am also glad my kids were distracted with their bag of peanuts at that moment.

Highlights of the evening:

1 - A free outing with the family!

2 - Fantastic people watching, really some of the best in the world

3 - A great friend right behind me to share in all of the people watching glory

4 - Our friend's eight year old son, when offered an unshelled peanut proceeded to chomp down the entire thing whole. He was pretty embarrassed when his dad pointed out his error. But the people who should truly be embarrassed are his parents. Who hasn't taught their child how to shell a peanut! Take the poor child to a baseball game and make him an American for heavens sake! :)

5 - The Brazilian bull riders. Not only were they really good at the whole riding thing, they were usually sporting some fantastic gold or silver shiny fringe. Gotta love a little cowboy glam.


1 - Did not have significant warning to a) pull together a great cowboy wardrobe for my family or b) properly poof and crimp Scarlet and my hair

Yee- haw!


Mindy said...


duke of earl said...

this is awesome...

Campbell Family said...

So fun!! Also, I wanted to touch base with you on how sad I was that we couldn't meet up when you were here :( I was crammed to the hilt with photo shoots that weekend and we didn't have any free time. One day I really hope we can get our kids together, I know they'd have a blast! How much more perfect could we have even tried to plan ages and sexes???

Peggy Dee said...

How fun! Maybe Dad should try offering free PBR tickets to heal people? It worked for Jon! Love the sticker filled faces too. You're a good mom. I never once followed through with a chain mail request, no matter how tempted I was - I resisted! Not sure if that makes me a villain or a hero? I often felt a little of both.