Friday, October 28, 2011

Thrifty Crafting

My sewing club creations have been few and far between lately. And lately all crafting time has been dedicated to Halloween. But here are a few of my latest projects.

I wanted to make some things for Asher before he was born but since I didn't know gender and wasn't willing to go neutral a lot of baby projects were put on hold. I did make one thing though that got its first use in the hospital, my very own baby swaddler.

His love for his swaddler didn't last long but it was loved. And he just looked so darn cozy.

After he made his appearance, I made him a baby blanket.

It has been a good one. Warm and cozy but not too warm for a Vegas baby.

And after having to wait through two sewing projects that were not for her (a rare occurrence) I turned my attention back to my deprived daughter. I have been looking for a nightgown for her off and on for a long time and couldn't find anything between crazy expensive and cheap and full of characters, if I could find any at all. Then I saw this tutorial on how to turn a pillowcase into a nightgown.

The lace on the bottom was from the original pillowcase and I added the lace on the sleeves. She loves it. It is worn almost every evening until I make her stick it in the wash. I have two more pillowcases that will soon meet a similar fate.

And last but not least, I was a little late on the "your daughter is starting school and will need a backpack" boat. So late in fact that all of the decent (and decently priced) ones were gone.

I wasn't sure this project would turn out but I absolutely love it. Luckily, so does she!

I made the shoulder bag out of some fabric I picked up at Savers and an old pair of my jeans. The arm strap is the waistband of the jeans. And the back pockets made for handy pencil pockets.

I tried my hand at applique and failed miserably. Luckily my friend Mindy is a pro. She added the gorgeous butterfly.

Now back to making these Halloween costumes... can I get a deadline extension on those?


Mindy said...

I think 'pro' is used lightly here. :D I can't wait for Halloween pictures. I'm so excited.

Campbell Family said...

I've been working overtime on these darned costumes for my kids too! I love doing it but every year wonder why I'm doing this to myself!! LOL Can't wait to see yours!

Katie said...

Love the nightgown! Should I ever have a girl, I will have to remember this. Looks like your girls' reunion, highlighted in the post previous to this one, was also a huge success. How fun!

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

So cute! Love.. . wish I could be in your sewing club