Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funny Baby

Oh Asher. My little guy is three months old today. Three months into this thing and I still have not really figured out this guy. Some days I think he is the easiest baby of all time. Other days I am convinced there is not a more demanding child on the planet. But other than his most difficult moments, he is really the perfect third child. Chill enough to put up with our crazy schedules and kids messing with him all day long but demanding enough to make sure the two of us get some good one on one time every day.

He is starting to chub up a little, but is still lithe compared to his siblings. It doesn't help that his best baby friend, who is a month younger, is quickly kicking his butt in the baby rolls department.

Isn't this picture going to be priceless when they grow up, fall in love and get married? Mostly kidding...

He is not a spit up baby and he only poops every three days. He smiles and giggles regularly, which is so much fun. For some reason none of my babies can laugh without getting the hiccups. Every time without fail. Is that a Nielsen baby trait only?

Scarlet has not lost any of her initial enthusiasm for her little brother. At least a few times a week, Scarlet and Asher have a little alone time. He hangs out on his big sister's bed and they bond while mom gets some work done. A few weeks ago, Scarlet decided Asher was old enough to appreciate a little fancy time.
How can you not love a baby willing to put up with this much sister attention?

One of my favorite baby stages is when you can hand them something and they can entertain themselves for a few precious minutes. Asher is already that baby. His distraction of choice, towels or blankets. I throw one on top of him and he double fist grabs it and shoves it straight in between those gums. This rare blogging moment is brought to you now by a bed sheet which is getting a good drooling.

Well, one day in the car, Scarlet tied her former fabric bracelet leash (remember the St. George marathon kid strapping) to Asher's car set. He. Loves. It.

Having three kids is pretty entertaining. I can't make it through the store without at least one person (usually more like five people) saying, "Wow, looks like you've got your hands full!" I try to vary my generic comebacks just to keep from going crazy with the repetition. My favorite one I save for the older gentlemen.

"Oh, these aren't mine. I just picked them up on aisle 10. It's buy two get one free today!" I always get the best old man chuckle.

Dang, the blanket has reached its entertaining limit. Gotta go!


Samantha said...

That picture of Scarlet and Asher on the bed is seriously seriously awesome. I feel that way about Joslyn- my easiest baby but maybe my most demanding too. How can that be?

Campbell Family said...

I feel you... I still (and probably always will) get the "you've got your hands full" comment a few times daily.

A Bug's Life said...

the picture of Asher dressed up is priceless! he already looks different than our reunion. myles always got the hiccups with laughing too. daishan

Heidi Noel said...

I love his eyes in the dressed up picture. He kinda looks shell shocked.