Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Day When Jude Wins

One day I was feeling ambitious so I got up early and made a cinnamon coffee cake for breakfast.  I thought I had gotten an early enough start on the morning but obviously I hadn't, because my kids joined me shortly after.  And for whatever reason, Jude woke up ravenous.  He was extremely uninterested in waiting for my delicious breakfast cake to be done.

So I distracted him for the last few minutes while the cake baked.  Once it had finally popped out of the oven, I immediately served pieces to my children, who at that point were wasting away to mere skeletons.  Shocker coming, cake straight out of the oven is crazy hot.  And this cake was especially not cooling down very quickly.

I had a brilliant idea.  Why not add ice cream on top to cool it down quickly?  Heck I was already serving cake for breakfast.  So I added a small scoop of ice cream.  Jude, happy as a clam, reached in for a large bite of cake and somehow missed the ice cream entirely.  Instead, a full mouth of very hot cake was now filling his cheeks.  As you can imagine, he was a bit miffed about the situation and refused to further injure himself with the scalding breakfast dessert.

And that, my friends, is why my son had vanilla ice cream for breakfast.

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